10 Reasons to Visit Japan in the Rainy Season

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Gloomy rainy season starts in June in Japan, but don’t worry if you already planned your trip in June. There are some pros to visiting Japan during that time of the year, and many attractions that you can only enjoy on the rainy season.
In Japan, we have a rainy season called Tsuyu (梅雨), which comes around the mid-June every year. There are many ways to enjoy the rainy season in Japan, and you won’t be disappointed. Here are the reasons why you should visit Japan in the rainy season!   

What is the rainy season in Japan?

In general, Tsuyu (梅雨) starts in the early to mid-June, and will last for about a month until the mid-July. The starting date varies depending on the area. For example, it starts around the mid-May in Okinawa which is the south part of Japan, while it reaches Tokyo around mid-June. In the meantime, Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan, comparably not gets affected by it as the seasonal rain front disappears before it finally reaches the area though the amount of rain generally increases during the season even in Hokkaido.   

During the rainy season, the humidity raises up to about 75%. It sometimes brings record-breaking rainfalls which could cause devastating damages to the affected areas as well. In addition, the unstable weather is sometimes followed by typhoons, which starts to develop more frequently during the season.
But if you imagine the rainy season in Japan with constant rain with dark clouds, it’s not necessarily true. Some people think the rainy season in Japan is not bad at all when they are used to the rainy weather like in Europe. 

When the rainy season starts in 2021?

This year the rainy season will start earlier than the average year. The rainy season is expected to last longer, especially in the south part of Japan (Kyushu, Shikoku and Chugoku) and the Kansai region this year. The Kanto (including Tokyo) and the Tohoku region is expected to be in the rainy season in the middle of June. From Kyushu to the Kanto region, it will finish in early July, and in Tohoku it will finish at the end of July.  In Okinawa, the rainy season will last until the middle of June. That explains why Okinawa is the most popular place to visit in June and July because it’s clear of the rainy season already. 

2021Average Last year
Okinawa May 5th May 10th May 16th
Kyushu May 15th June 4th June 11th
Shikoku May 15thJune 5th June 10th
Chugoku May 15th June 6th June 10th
KansaiMay 16thJune 6th June 10th
Kanto Not yet June 7th June 11th
Tohoku Not yet June 12th June 11th
Rain Tokyo

Reasons to visit in Japan in the rainy season 

1. Less crowded 

During the rainy season, it’s also the best time to visit the popular tourist spots in Japan. Usually everywhere is quiet on rainy days, don’t waste your time staying in your hotel all day! Take an advantage and have fun! 

2. Fun indoor activities 

Tokyo offers many indoor fun activities such as Ghibli Museum, teamLab,theater, arcades, workshop and indoor sport activities. Tokyo never fails to entertain their visitors. 

Check out articles for more unique ideas to spend the rainy day in a fun way! 

3. Try Chanko-nabe

Chanko-nabe (also known as “Chanko”) is a style of traditional Japanese hotpot. It generally contains a variety of ingredients, including vegetables, meat and seafood. It is known as a typical dish for the professional Sumo wrestlers which helps them to be stronger and bigger. Ryogoku in Tokyo, where the sumo tournament is held, is home to Sumo wrestlers thus there are many chanko restaurants! Let’s get warm after you stay outside in the rain with delicious chanko-nabe, Japanese comfort food! 

Chanko hotpot - sumo food

4. Hydrangea 

Hydrangea (also known as Ajisai in Japanese) is a seasonal flower that is native to Japan. A cluster of tiny purple flowers forms a beautiful circle shape which starts to bloom during the rainy season. “Meigetsuin” (明月院) is a Rinzai sect temple in Kamakura which is widely known for the incredible garden filled with beautiful hydrangea flowers. During the rainy season, it welcomes visitors with blue, purple and pink hydrangeas. Here we made the list of 10 Best Places to See Hydrangea in and near Tokyo for more places to enjoy hydrangea in this season!

¥500 (Adult) ¥300 (Child)


Teruteru-bozu(てるてる坊主) is a very unique culture in Japan, it is a hand-made paper doll which is generally made of tissue paper. It is a lucky charm to bring sunny weather, and you can make it easily at home. Hang them under the eaves of your house, wishing the weather gets better soon! If your wish comes true, put some water with sugar on its head as thank you. People in Japan learn how to make it in their childhood.  

6. Get cute rainy weather gears

What makes the rainy weather more bright one? The answer is, the cute rainy gears! In Japan, you can easily find a large selection of attractive rainy gears at popular shopping spots. It includes colorful umbrellas, stylish raincoats, fashionable rain boots and much more!  LOFT has a large variety of goods and you can find everything you need.  There are some unique umbrella shops around Tokyo, water-front occupies the 1st floor to 4th floor with about 10,000 umbrellas! Komiya Shoten is an umbrella store established in 1930, selling handmade umbrellas. Find your only one from traditional to modern patterns.  

7. Spend a relaxing time at bookstores and cafes

Soothing sounds of dropping rain, rainy day is the perfect time to spend a lot of time reading. In Tokyo, visit the used English book store Infinity Books or  Kinokuniya in Shinjuku which is the whole floor filled with books not only in English but some other foreign languages. Also we recommend visiting cozy coffee shops in Kyoto, many places have a great ambiance for reading so that you can get some happy moments sipping delicious coffee while reading. 


8. Warm yourself up in Onsen 

Let’s make an excuse to go to the onsen or sento to warm yourself up! If you go to the big onsen resort (or theme park) such as Oedo Onsen or Hakone Yunessun, you can spend a whole day enjoying several different kinds of unique onsen. Don’t forget to drink coffee milk or fruit milk after bath like a local, that is a typical way to complete one’s onsen experience in Japan! 

Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari

9. Enjoy the art at museums 

On rainy days, you don’t have to feel guilty to stay inside which makes it the best time to visit the art museums. You can find art museums everywhere in Japan, and Tokyo is home to many museums. If you are curious about the unique museums other than the art museums, check out Trick Art Museums, Samurai Museum and Ghibli Museum

Tokyo National Museum

10. Take cool pictures in rain 

There are pictures that you can take only in rain. If you are seeking a chance to take unique photos, go outside and find the beautiful spots. Especially the old town with traditional buildings becomes more photogenic spots in rain! 

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