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Itinerary in Japan

10 Events and Things to Do in Japan in April 2024

No matter what time of year, Japan boasts an impossibly wide variety of things to do. Spring may be the most packed time of the year, so its time to study up and know the best things you can do in April!

10 Best Places to Stay Near Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Sakura in spring is one of the most incredible times to visit Japan- the cherry blossoms are a sight to die for! Or, you could just look out from your balcony..? check out these incredible accommodations right next to the best cherry blossom spots.
Travel tips

Spring in Japan: Important Things to Know for Traveling!

Spring in Japan is somewhat of a wonderland, no doubt! It's easy to get lost in the fascination with the nice weather and blanket of cherry blossom petals... but be mindful, theres a lot that goes into making traveling in Japan this time of year enjoyable!
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To do in Tokyo

10 Events and Things to Do in Tokyo in April

During April, Japan is filled with tourists taking in the beauty of the cherry blossoms, as well as taking part in the various activates at their disposal!
Places to visit in Tokyo

10 Late Blooming Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo

If you arrive in Japan during mid to late April, you will have missed the Sakura season. But don’t despair, as there will still be some cherry blossoms for you to see in Tokyo, even in late April. Discover 10 late blooming spots in Tokyo

10 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Kyushu

Kyushu has an array of things for people to enjoy, but checking out the cherry blossoms is at the top! Here are 10 of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyushu!

10 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Osaka

If you're heading to Osaka in spring, make sure to read our recommendations for the best places to view cherry blossoms!
Seasonal Events

10 Events and Things to Do in Japan in March

Wondering what to do in Japan in March? This is your guide to all the best things to do here in early spring!

10 Best Festivals in Japan in March

If you're visiting Japan in March, don't miss these fun and festive spring festivals!
Places to visit in Kyoto

10 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the best places to appreciate the combination of cherry blossoms and traditional Japan! Find out where you should go during the sakura season.
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