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Food & Drinks

7 Popular Fruits in Japan: Best Places and Timing To Enjoy

The ridiculously expensive square melon or the juicy, ping pong ball sized grapes- here's an overview of the most popular fruits and their respective seasons.
Food & Drinks

All You Need to Know about Ramen in Japan!

Here is a complete guide to everyone's favorite, Ramen in Japan! Introduction to the classic flavors to unique ones that you should try!
Cultural tips

Konbini in Japan: Everything You Need to Know

The Japanese konbini, convenience stores are the best in the world. They sell a wide range of products and offer many convenient services such as printing, free toilets, event tickets sale etc. Here we will explain everything you can do at the Japanese konbini!
Food & Drinks

What is Ekiben? Popular Ekiben of Each Region in Japan

Ekiben literally refers to a lunch box from the station, a delicious lunch box you can enjoy on your train ride. In this article we explain the concept of ekiben and how to enjoy it in the best way!
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10 Winter Food You Should Try in Japan

Warm yourself with some delicious winter foods in Japan. You can easily prepare for them and enjoy at home too!
Food & Drinks

All you need to know about Japanese Wagyu Beef

Wagyu refers to the 4 breeds of purebred Japanese cattle. In this article we explain everything there is to know about this delicious type of meat and why it is so special. Itadakimasu!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

The Best Bars in Tokyo

There are so many places to enjoy the nightlife in Tokyo from casual Izakaya to the luxurious bar. We introduce some of the best bars in Tokyo!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Tokyo Food Tours You Must Take on Your Japan Trip

Here we listed up the best Tokyo food tours for you. From Tsukiji Fish Market tours to Izakaya bar hopping tour at night, we have listed a variety of Tokyo food tours you can enjoy during your stay in Japan.
Food & Drinks in Kyoto

10 Best Sushi in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the best cities in Japan to hunt for the high-quality and authentic Sushi dishes. From Michelin Star restaurants to 100 yen budget Sushi, we have listed the best Sushi in Kyoto!
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