Things to do in Tokyo


10 Best hostels/guesthouses in Tokyo

Tokyo, probably the main destination for most adventurers with Japan on their list! Check out this list of Hostels and Guest Houses to rest your feet and create more memories!
Places to visit in Tokyo

10 Best things to do in Shibamata

Looking for an excape from the bustle of the city without really leaving the city? Explore the authentic, hidden gem of Shibamata!
Travel tips

10 Best Bike Routes in Tokyo

Want to explore Tokyo from a new perspective? Ride a bike or E-bike! Check out the 10 best bike routes in Tokyo and get ready to take off on an adventure with you, your trusty wheels, and an excellent guide. 
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10 Cool and Unique Museums in Tokyo

Whether you're an art enthusiast, a history buff, or want to dig into Japanese culture, we've scoured the city to unearth 10 cool and unique museums in Tokyo to add to your itinerary. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of Tokyo's museum scene that goes way beyond the ordinary!
Seasonal Events

10 Events and Things to do in Tokyo in February 2024

So, you have no idea what to do in Tokyo for February? Don't worry, we listed all the biggest highlights and things to do!
To do in Tokyo

10 Best Places to See Live Music in Tokyo

Have you ever wanted to see live music in Tokyo? No matter what genre you like, there is a place to go! Check out our picks for 10 of the best places to see live music in Tokyo.
Weekly Things to Do

Best Things To do in Tokyo this week

Want some inspiration of what to do in Tokyo this Week? Here are some of the most anticipated Tokyo-Highlights for this Week!
To do in Tokyo

10 Best Souvenirs from Tokyo

You're going to leave Tokyo with a library of memories, and who can remember an entire library? Secure your tales of Tokyo or entice your friends to try going with one of these amazing souvenirs!

Azabudai Hills: 8 Best Things To do in Tokyo’s Newest Attraction

The brand NEW AZABUDAI HILLS opened in Tokyo and we have the perfect guide for you! Enjoy a day at the new modern urban village in Tokyo!
To do in Tokyo

Top 10 Best Saunas in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city full of constant motion. It's exciting and impressive, but sometimes its time to just relax and be still, and Tokyo's array of saunas are perfect fot that.
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