Things to do in Tokyo

To do in Tokyo

10 Events and Things to do in Tokyo in October 2022

Are you in Tokyo this October and are looking for something fun to do? Read more for some of the best events and things to do in Tokyo in October!
Places to visit in Tokyo

5 Best Planetariums in Tokyo

Although a starry night sky can rarely be seen in Tokyo due to its many flashing lights, you can still enjoy a blanket of twinkling stars at one of these outstanding planetariums in Japan's capital!
To do in Tokyo

10 Best Fishing Spots in Tokyo

Fishing is a great outdoor activity where you can relax and get some fresh air. Learn more about 10 of the best fishing spots in Tokyo here!
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Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Coffee Shops In the Shibuya Area

Coffee has become bigger and bigger in Japan over the years and there are now endless delicious coffee shops, especially in Tokyo. Check out 10 of the best coffee shops in the Shibuya area!
To do in Tokyo

12 Best Free Experiences in Tokyo!

Looking to do Tokyo on a budget? Get the most of your yen with our best free experience guide!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Ice Cream Shops in Tokyo

When it comes to dessert, ice cream is a crowd favorite no matter where you live. Tokyo is home to some amazing ice cream shops. Here are 10 of the best ice cream shops in Tokyo!
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Traditional “Kissaten” Coffee Shops in Tokyo

Kissaten are traditional Japanese style coffee shops that often have more of a retro vibe and are a great place to take it easy. Check out some of the best traditional kissaten in Tokyo!
To do in Tokyo

Thrift Shopping in Tokyo: A Guide to the 5 Best Areas

Tokyo is one of the best places in the world for thrift shopping. There are a few areas in particular that have the best used and vintage shops and clothes. Find out how to get more bang for your buck!
Tours & Workshops

Best Pottery Classes in Tokyo

Pottery has been a part of Japanese culture for a long time. Learn more about the ancient craft and the best classes in the Tokyo area that you can take!
To do in Tokyo

10 Best Things to Do in Tokyo at Night

In Tokyo, the biggest city in the world, there are so many fun things to do at night. Whether you want to go out drinking, visit temples, enjoy the night views, or even go to an onsen, there is something for everyone!
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