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10 Best Places to Do Karaoke in Tokyo

Are you ready to take the stage in Tokyo's legendary karaoke scene? Grab the mic as we take you to ten of the best karaoke spots in Tokyo!
To do in Tokyo

10 Things To Do in Tokyo in the Early Morning

Tokyo is a city with things to to at anytime of the earths rotation, and morning certainly has some magnificent opportunities.
To do in Tokyo

10 Best Pools in Tokyo

Looking to cool off in the summer heat? Better head to one of these pools!

10 Best Subscription Boxes in Japan

Sometimes it can be hard to get your hands on authentic Japanese foods and products. Check out our list of the best subscription boxes in Japan!

Tokyo Station: The Complete Guide

A list to featuring different things to do in the famous Tokyo Station, including places to eat, look for souvenirs and enjoy the culture and history of the station.

10 Best Hotels in Akihabara

Looking for a place to rest while you go on your own personalized anime adventure? find a great stay in Akihabara with this list!

12 Important Japanese Historical Figures

Japan has a long history with so many notable people. Here are 12 people from ancient times to today that are significant in Japan and beyond!
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10 Best Japanese Candies You Need to Try

Japan is world famous for many things, but one of the top things people have to try when they visit Japan are the candies and snacks. Let's dig into ten Japanese sweets you must try so you can start with some of the best!

10 Events and Things to Do in Japan in August 2023

Looking to visit Japan this summer? August is the perfect time for summer activities with warm weather and plenty of festivals. Read here for 10 things you can do all across Japan this summer!

10 Best Studio Ghibli Films

Studio Ghibli films are big in Japan as well as other places in the world. If you haven't seen any Studio Ghibli movies yet, check out this article to know our 10 best Studio Ghibli film recommendations!