The 10 Best Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower To do in Tokyo

Tokyo is actually huge and many things to do. Lots of sightseeing spots and activities are there. The most interesting point about Tokyo we think is mixed traditional things with modern things. In this blog, we introduce 10 must see spots and things to do in Tokyo.

1. Eat Sushi at Tsukiji fish market (morning)

variety of fish

Tsukiji fish market is the biggest fish market in the world. The inner market (wholesale market) was relocated to Toyosu in 2018, but still a large part of the outer market is located at the original place. Also, about 50 retailers are located there, inside 2 different buildings. Tsukiji market is a real Japanese food paradise! Good quality foods are gathered from all over world. But the most famous? Of course Sushi! We recommend to go there early in the morning to see the fresh fish.

That’s fun to do Tsukiji food tour
Sushi making class

2. Feel traditional atmosphere at Asakusa (daytime)

Asakusa is one of the best historical and traditional area in Tokyo. You might have seen Kaminarimon gate before. The biggest temple Senso-ji and the oldest Nakamise shopping street are must!! Also could try unique Edo foods for example Tempura and Soba.

Compared to Western side of Tokyo, Asakusa has a much older atmosphere. You can also do some traditional activities here like kimono wearing.

Amazing technique! Could not understand it’s candy.
Fun! fun!! Rickshaw!!!
▶ Go-kart experience
▶ Wearing Kimono!!

3. Visit the Imperial Palace (daytime)

Since the 17th century, the Imperial family is living in Tokyo. Before that they were located in Kyoto. In the middle of Tokyo, you can visit the Imperial palace area. It is interesting to get so close the the palace, but actually not be able to see it. What you can see is a beautiful Japanese garden (Imperial east garden). How about having a rest surrounded by beautiful nature.

This tour includes Imperial Palace watching.

4. Shop till you drop in Ginza (daytime)

Ginza is traditional shopping area in Tokyo and known for the most expensive estate price in Japan. 1 square meter costs about 40 million yen!! In Ginza, many department stores and Japanese stores are located in the central street: Chuo-dori street. One of the must-do’s is exploring basement floor of department store. As in many Asian countries, the basement is a real food paradise and fun!!

Uniqlo main store is wonderful!!
To find Japanese stationary, Ito-ya is the best!
▶ Eating sushi at Ginza
▶ Experience Tea ceremony

5. Feast your eyes in Akihabara (daytime)

Akihabara is known as a electronic paradise or hobby town. It starts from radio. Then personal computer, Anime, Manga, Japanese girl group and maid! Have you heard of maid cafe? You could enjoy unique culture only in Japan!

Maidreamin (めいどりーみん) is the best maid cafe!
You could enjoy retro arcade games!!

6. Travel to the future in Odaiba (daytime)

rainbow bridge

Odaiba is reclaimed land in Tokyo. Many places for Olympic games are located around Odaiba. Lots of futuristic thing are there. For example, no driver monorail, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, waterfront shopping center and big great real scale Gundam etc.

To see Ashimo robot dance!
You could enjoy Onsen at the middle of Tokyo

7. Indulge yourself in the Kawaii culture and sweets! (afternoon)

Harajuku is famous for pop culture. Kawaii means very cute in Japanese. Teenager girls come to Harajuku Takeshita street and seek Kawaii things for example accessories, clothes and sweets. In Harajuku you will also find many pancake vendors, a popular snack in this neighbourhood. In the Takeshita Street you can also get your rainbow coloured cotton candy. Also backstreet of Harajuku is popular for fashionable shops, both new and second hand. Let’s find newest things in Japan!!

Kawaii Monster Cafe is crazzyyyy!
→book the cafe
What a photogenic sweets!

8. Feel like a Ninja at scramble crossing in Shibuya (afternoon)

Have you heard of scramble crossing? That’s the busiest crossing in Japan. It is located in front of Shibuya station, which is used by an average of over 2.4 million passengers each day. What makes this crossing special is that here seven streets cross and all pedestrian lights turn green at once. On average, 1,000 – 2,500 people cross the streets at once. Many people will try to get the best shot or movie and from the top it looks like one big antshill. Try to navigate your way across the street like a Ninja, without bumping into anyone! A real challenge!

Shibuya is town of young teenagers, with many international shops located here like Zara, H&M and Levis. Don’t forgot to make a stop at Hachi Statue.

Let’s see scramble crossing from the top.
The story of Hachi dog makes us cry..

9. Find some quiet spot and relax at the Meiji shrine (daytime)

Meiji shrine is the biggest shrine in Tokyo and located near Harajuku station. This shrine was constructed about 100 years ago and many people respect it. In the first three days of the new year, over three million people comes and pray for happiness. This is called Hatsumode, read more about Hatsumode in our blog.

The Meiji shrine was built as a sign of respect for the Meiji Emperor. After his death in 1912, the Tokyo citizens asked the government to built a shrine to commemorate the late emperor. At the same time also a shrine forrest was created on the grounds of the Meiji Shrine. This forrest was created with a 150 year vision, consisting of 100,000 trees of 365 different species donated by people from all over Japan.

10. Drink like a local in Shinjuku (night)

Shinjuku is the biggest business town and also drinking town. Many entertainment spots are located at Shinjuku, including a huge amount of Izakaya, local bars and restaurants. The three most popular drinking areas are Omoide Yokocho, Kabukicho and Golden Gai.
Omoide Yokocho is located at west side and famous for Yakitori skewed chicken. Kabukicho was a popular red light district, but now it’s changed to entertainment town. Golden Gai is cozy bar area, with more than 200 small bars that cater for small groups of people.

Shinjuku highlight food and drink tour
Crazy show once in your life!
Best 6 things to try for enjoying nightlife in Tokyo

These are the definitely must places in Tokyo! It might suitable for 2-3 days to complete.

Private guided tour
Where to stay in Tokyo

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