Day trips from Tokyo

Shikinejima: Weekend Trip to Tokyo Islands

Shikinejima is a small island about 3 hrs south of Tokyo, with sandy beaches and lush nature it is a great weekend trip! Here we'll explain what to do on the island and how to get there.

Japan’s Modern History: Late 19th Century to Present Day

What happened in Japan during the modern times? Here is a brief overview of Japan's modern history from the late Edo period to the present day.
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Earthquakes In Japan; To Know Before You Go

Each year about 1500 earthquakes occur in Japan. In this article we'll inform you of what to do in case of an earthquake and we'll go over some of the largest earthquakes in Japan’s history.

Best Things To See And Do In Kirishima Mountain

Kirishima Mountains are a group of active volcanoes in southern Kyushu. The area offers excellent hiking options, superb scenic views and high quality natural onsen! Here we name the must do's in Kirishima!
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10 Reasons to Visit Japan in the Rainy Season

If you plan on visiting Japan in rainy season, don't be disappointed. Actually there are pros for it. Here we explain 10 reasons you should visit Japan on rainy season!
Food & Drinks

What is Kaiseki? Complete Guide to Beautiful Art of Japanese Cuisine

Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese cuisine which consists of serval dishes using seasonal ingredients and represent a spirit of wabi-sabi. In this article, we explain what is kaiseki, offer you some helpful tips and recommend some of the best restaurants in Tokyo.
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What is Golden Week in Japan? Tips to Travel around Japan during the Long Weekends

Golden Week is a long holiday week in Japan in May. It's the best time to travel around Japan, but it's better if you know the travel tips to travel efficiently during the holiday.

Japan’s Most Active Volcanoes & Volcanic Sites

Despite its small size compared to the rest of the world, Japan is home to around 10% of Earth’s active volcanoes. Thou...

What is Shinto? Finding the Japanese Religion in Everyday Life

Shinto (or Shintoism) is a major religion in Japan. Even though people in Japan are not religious, Shinto is rooted deeply in daily lives without realizing it. In this article, we explained the concept and history of Shinto and where to find these beliefs in Japan, even in the popular Ghibli films.
Places to visit in Japan

Popular Multi-Day Hikes in Japan

When most tourists think of Japan, they picture the sea of people at Shibuya crossing, the bright lights of Shinsaibash...
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