Day trips from Tokyo

Day Trip to Nikko in Summer: Where To Visit and Useful Tips

Nikko is one of the most popular tourist attractions near Tokyo. It can be enjoyed all year around but it'll be the fun destination during summer. Here is how to do a day trip to Nikko and where to visit!

Explore Japan By Bicycle: All You Need To Know About Cycling in Japan!

If you are an active traveler, think about exploring Japan by bicycle as an option. Here is the guide to cycling in Japan including the best cycling routes!

A Complete Guide to Ryokan: How to Enjoy Traditional Stay in Japan

If you are wondering where you should stay during your Japan trip, stay in Ryokan - Here's the reason and how to enjoy your stay in Japanese traditional inns!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Yoyogi Park Travel Guide

Yoyogi Park is located in Harajuku area. The park provides a quiet escape from busy streets. Here we introduce its history, things to do and nearby attractions.

Must Do’s On Miyakojima Island – Okinawa

Miyako Island, or Miyakojima is a beautiful island located in Okinawa prefecture. Here are the best things to do.

What are Yokai? Japanese Folklore Creatures

For summer nights, people like o hear some scary ghost stories. Here we explain the Japanese very unique legendary creatures 'Yokai', and where to find them.

11 Best Things To Do in Fukuoka City

A laid-back port city, Fukuoka City (also known as Hakata) packs enough sightseeing spots to fill up 2 days. Let us introduce the 11 best things to do in Fukuoka City!

Most Scenic Train Rides in Japan

One of the best ways to enjoy amazing scenery in Japan is to take one of its many scenic train rides. Let's dive into the world of scenic train rides in Japan!

Traditional Japanese Summer Events: What is Tanabata?

July 7th is Tanabata, an annual event celebrated in Japan. Here we explain its history, sad story of two lovers, customs and the famous tanabata festivals!
Popular destinations Japan

Weekend Trip to Kiso Valley and Nakasendo

Kiso Valley is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in Japan. Here is a useful guide for a weekend trip to Kiso Valley!
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