Day trips from Kyoto

Hidden Attractions in Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto is known as the traditional town, but there are many other hidden spots full of nature and historical sites in the other side of Kyoto. Here are the hidden attractions in Kyoto prefecture.
Travel tips

20 YouTubers to Watch Before Going to Japan

Youtube is one of the useful ways to decide the trip destinations. Here's the list of inspiring Youtubers who will help you plan your trip to Japan!

Weekend Trip to Zao Onsen in Winter

Zao Onsen in Yamagata prefecture is famous for its 'snow monsters (ice trees)'. Here we explain how to best enjoy Zao Onsen in winter!

Hiking in Kamikochi – A True Nature Lover’s Paradise

Hiking is one of the most popular weekend pastimes for people who live in Japan. This is no wonder, as 70% of the count...

The 10 Best Winter Activities in Nagano

Winter in Nagano prefecture is magical covered in snow. Unique and amazing experience you can have in Nagano during the winter time is all written in this article.

15 Weird Vending Machines in Japan

You will likely encounter a lot of unique vending machines on the street when you explore Japan. Here are weird vending machines that will especially surprise you in Japan!
Food & Drinks

Introduction to Shochu: The Japanese Liqueur And Its Varieties

Shochu is a traditional distilled liquor in Japan whose main ingredients are rice and barley grains. It's the best sake to drink with Japanese meals! Here's the basic guide to Shochu.

10 Popular Japanese Clothing Stores

In this article, we introduce types and trends of Japanese fashion and the most popular clothing stores you can visit in Japan!
Places to visit in Japan

15 Of The Most Beautiful Cities In Japan

Tokyo or Kyoto usually comes first when travelers think about the city in Japan, but there are many more beautiful and attractive cities in Japan than those two.
Day trips from Kyoto

10 Things To Do Around Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. The area is known for its scenic views with floating torii gates, picturesque towns, and mountain top temples, and you can enjoy swimming, kayaking and other outdoor activities.
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