Mount Fuji

Best Places to Visit in Shizuoka

Shizuoka prefecture is a huge prefecture in Japan. Close to Mt.Fuji and easily accessible from Tokyo or Nagoya. Here are the best things to do in Shizuoka, a place for the beach, shrines, temples and more!
Things to do in Tokyo

Best Hiking Trails Near Tokyo Suited For Everyone

Would you like to get away from busy city life in Tokyo? There are plenty of hiking spots where you can relax being surrounded by beautiful nature in and around Tokyo. Everyone can use some time in nature every once in a while to recharge your battery. The mountains close to Tokyo offer some of the best hikes in Japan. Also, because most are so close to the city, you can easily do one-day hikes without much planning! Though, if you prefer to make a weekend trip out of your hiking adventure, we have also some overnight options for you. Here is our list of recommended hiking trails, for beginners as well are the more advanced hikers, with easy access from Tokyo.
Things to do in Japan

Best Things to Do in Aichi

Aich is the best known for Nagoya city or Toyota's hometown but do you know that there are some islands and beaches you can enjoy and relax? Here are the best things to do in Aichi you shouldn't miss!
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The Best Parks in Tokyo To Enjoy Nature

Even though Tokyo is one of world’s busiest and biggest cities with its crowded places, many skyscrapers, and large public transportation network, the city also has its fair share of green park areas which provides people opportunities to escape from the bustling city life. Besides the calming greenery and a place to relax, often, the parks offer many other interesting and beautiful shrines, museums or other great places as well. In this article we introduce some of the best parks in Tokyo to alternate your crowded sight seeing time with some peaceful nature!
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10 Fancy Takeout Restaurants in Tokyo – Bring a Chef’s Meal to Your Table

We spend a lot of time these days at home so isn't it nice if you can enjoy the restaurant taste at home sometimes? In Tokyo, it is easy to access to various kind of international foods. Here we listed 10 popular restaurants you can take away to your home!
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Best Places To Visit In Yamanashi

Yamanashi is a landlocked prefecture located on the west side of Tokyo. It is famous for Mount Fuji that can be admired from all over the prefecture, but also known as a wine producing region with its tasty grapes. In this article we will list the best places to visit in Yamanashi prefecture!
Things to do in Japan

Best Places to Visit in Toyama

Toyama is located in Chubu region in Japan. Kurobe Dam, Amaharashi Beach, Toyama Castle etc., there are a lot of things to do in Toyama!
What to see in Tokyo

10+ Popular Manga and Anime Locations in Tokyo ―Gundam, Sailor Moon, Your Name and More!

If you are a Manga or Anime lover, Tokyo has full of surprises for you. Here we introduce popular Manga/Anime locations you can actually visit in Tokyo!
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Best Places To Visit In Niigata

Niigata prefecture is famous for its snow, high-quality rice, onsen and delicious sake! In this blog we will discuss the best places to visit and where to enjoy some great sake in this beautiful area!
Things to do in Japan

10 Best Places to Visit in Ishikawa

Here we introduce the things to do in Ishikawa! Kanazawa is popular destination in Ishikawa prefecture but there are more area to explore.
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