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Explore The Best Pottery Villages of Japan

Pottery and ceramic arts, are one of Japan's oldest and most valued Japanese crafts and art forms. Nowadays, the ceramics and pottery, still forms an integral part of the Japanese culture and are used in the everyday life. In this article, we'll have a closer look at the Japanese pottery and give you a list of the top places you should visit to experience the Japanese pottery.

Complete Guide to Shimanami Kaido Cycling Trail

Shimanami Kaido Cycling Trail is very safe, easily accessible, and beautiful cycling road for all level of bikers. In this article, we will give you a complete guide for your exploration over Seto Inland sea.
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Best Local & Cultural Experiences Near Tokyo

What better way to get to know the rich and fascinating culture of Japan through traditional forms of art that have charmed visitors for centuries. In this blog we will list the best experiences to seek out in and around Tokyo, have fun exploring!

Best Places for Autumn Colors Viewing

Autumn season is coming and it's time to enjoy the autumn colors around Japan! Let's start planning where to go, here are the list of the best places for autumn color viewing in Japan.
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Fun Things To Do Along Tokyo’s Chuo Line

The Chuo Line is part of a train line operating all the way from Tokyo to Nagoya. In this article, we will focus on the 60 km between between Takao Station (west) and Ryogoku (east), one of the best-connected lines in the city, with 24 stations that each function as a gateway to a number of tourist attractions around the city. We will take you to the highlights that you can find along Chuo Line, crossing Tokyo from west to east!

12 Original Castles in Japan

There are 12 original castles in Japan which means they have a castle tower (or main keep) which was built during the Edo period or earlier. Here is the list of 12 castles you can visit all around Japan!
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The Tokyo Islands – 11 Beautiful Islands Near Tokyo

Visit the Tokyo Islands and find yourself in beautiful, almost tropical place with untouched nature, rich marine life and great diving and snorkeling options. Here we will describe all the islands shortly and tell you how to get there, so you can decide which one you want to travel to!
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Let’s Explore Tokyo with Keio Line

Do you want to know more local areas in Tokyo? Take Keio Line and explore the quiet and calm area! There are not so many popular spots along Keio Line, but there are hidden attractions you should know. Here are 10 things to do along Keio Line!

Best Things to Do on Ishigaki Island – Okinawa

The beautiful Ishigaki Island is the third largest island in Okinawa and one of the most popular travel destinations, with a pleasant climate all year round. Especially during summer season, many people visit this gem. The crystal clear ocean and scenic white sand beaches attract a number of tourists who enjoy watersports such as snorkeling and diving. There are also a number of luxurious hotels offering a some amazing experiences with an suburb ocean view. In this article, we will give you the ultimate travel tips to Ishigaki island!
Day trips from Tokyo

Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Okutama

Located in the western outskirts of Tokyo, Okutama offers the perfect getaway from Tokyo. Okutama is a small town in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, the closest national park to Tokyo - a little under 2 hours away from Tokyo. It can be easily done as a day trip, though we recommend you spend at least one night in the stunning landscapes of Okutama! In this article we will list the best things to do in Okutama!
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