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Now growing number of restaurants in Tokyo offers the takeout service. Some of the most famous restaurants which are usually very difficult to make a reservation for a table also have takeout items, and some extravagant restaurant offer takeout items with reasonable prices with the same quality as what they serve at the restaurant. So now you may have a good opportunity to try the foods to be taken at home from the famous restaurants you wanted to visit. In this article, we present 10 good takeout restaurants in Tokyo from simpler options to the more high-end which can add excitement to your dining-at-home routine. 

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1. Ăn Cơm

This new vietnamese restaurant will open on July 20th, 2020 at EAT PLAY WORKS which is a place combining work culture with food and wellness with playful taste. Ăn Cơm focus on rice and you can enjoy vietnamese food and Sake. You can also visit their sister store of Ăn Đi which is a modern vietnamese restaurant in Gaienmae.

Hours 11:30am-2:30pm
Close on Monday
5-4-16 Hiroo Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

2. 37 Steakhouse & Bar

37 Steakhouse & Bar offers authentic prime steak like which you can have in the steakhouse of New York. Their takeout menu items include 21 Days Aged Australian Wagyu Beef Steak, 37 Classic 180g Cheddar Cheese Burger, Black Angus Beef Rib Steak Sandwich, and 21 Day Aged Rib Steak Rice Bowls. 

Hours 11:00am-9:00pm
Takeout items should be ordered by phone prior to pick-up: 03-5413-3737 
2F 6-15-1 Roppongi Minato City, Tokyo

3. Torishiki

Some people say that this yakitori (skewered chicken) restaurant is one of the most difficult restaurants to make reservation for a table in Tokyo. Now Torishiki offers a takeout bento box with white rice, yakitori, grilled vegetables, eggs, and fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce which they do not usually offer at the restaurant. 

Hours Takeout item pick-up: 17:00-20:00
Takeout items should be ordered by phone prior to pick-up: 03-3440-7656 (11:00-)
2-14-12 Kamiosaki Shinagawa City, Tokyo

4. Juban-Ukyo

Juban-Ukyo is a modern Japanese style bar which is popular for delicious Japanese-Western fusion cuisine. They have various takeout items including the restaurant’s specialties “truffle potato salad” and “foie gras rice bowl with Japanese sauce” along with several appetizers, bento boxes with white rice and several main and side dishes.

Hours 11:15am-09:30pm
Takeout items should be ordered by phone prior to pick-up: 03-3440-7888
1-26-13 Ebisu Shibuya City, Tokyo

5. Lawry’s The Prime Rib

The restaurant firstly opened in Los Angeles in 1938 as a specialty restaurant for the prime rib. Lawry’s The Prime Rib can be found in two locations in Tokyo: Akasaka and Ebisu. Their takeout menu items include the iconic roast beef accompanied by original Lawry’s salad and homemade bread, and Lawry’s prime rib curry, which is a takeout original menu. 

Hours 12:00pm-08:00pm
Takeout items should be ordered by phone at least 1 hour before the pick-up time: 03-5545-1429
Akasaka Intercity Air 3F 1-8-1 Akasaka Minato City, Tokyo

6. Kaneko-Hannosuke

The restaurant is famous for tendon, which is a rice bowl with tempura. The tempura in Kaneko-Hannosuke is made with fresh ingredients from the local market, and the sauce for tendon is made using a secret recipe which the chef had inherited from his grandfather who was famous Japanese cuisine gourmet. 

Hours Monday-Friday: 11:00am-10:00pm, Saturday-Sunday: 10:00am-09:00pm
1-11-15 Nihonbashimuromachi Chuo City, Tokyo

7. Chugoku-Hanten

Chugoku-Hanten is a fine Chinese restaurant situated in several locations in Tokyo. The restaurant is especially popular for Peking duck. Chugoku-Hanten located in Mita offers takeout items including Peking duck bento box and Fukahire (shark fin soup) accompanied by several dim sum. All the takeout items are reasonably priced for their quality.

Hours 11:30am-07:30pm
Pre-order for takeout items is not required but recommended: 03-3798-1381
5-13-18 Shiba Minato City, Tokyo

8. Kiki Harajuku

Located in a quiet alley in Harajuku, the restaurant usually offers creative six-course dinner with local fresh ingredients. Takeout is available only if you ordered the day before and the menu is delicious Milanese cutlet with sauce mixed with fresh tomato and seasonal fruits coming with rye bread.

Bistro kiki

Hours Takeout items pick-up: 11:00am or 6:00pm
Takeout items should be ordered by phone at least a day before the pick-up date: 070-3882-3150 or you can send the direct message through Instagram.
6-9-9 Jungu-mae Shibuya City, Tokyo

9. Ta-im

Ta-im serves up authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant is popular for its pita sandwiches with falafel, schnitzel, chicken or lamb for lunchtime, and baba ganoush, kebabs and other Middle Eastern favorites for dinner time. Takeout items include their famous hummus, pita sandwiches and falafels. 

Hours 11:30am-02:30pm, 06:00pm-10:00pm, Sunday and holiday: 6:00pm-09:00pm
1-29-16 Ebisu Shibuya City, Tokyo

10. Tenoshima

Tenoshima is a creative modern Japanese restaurant located near Aoyama Icchome Station. Their takeout items include assorted sushi boxes, pressed sushi with golden snapper, mackerel, or conger eel, roast beef, duck meat simmered in oil, and some side dishes. 

Hours Monday-Saturday: 12:00pm-05:00pm
Reservation is required by a day before pick-up date: 03-6316-2150
2F 1-3-21 Minami-Aoyama Minato City, Tokyo

In Tokyo, you can find countless restaurants with all kinds of cuisine, and now many of them offer takeout or delivery menus to be enjoyed at home. Note that many restaurants require advance notice for takeout orders, so check if this is the case. 

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