• Whiskey Title
    Things to do in Japan

    Whiskey Distillery Tours, One day trip from Tokyo

    Japan is one of the major whiskey production countries. The Suntory’s honored whiskey Yamazaki get more and more recognitions from the worldwide whiskey fans. The Yamazaki distillery is located in Osaka. The other famous brand [...]
  • Transportation

    How to get to Narita Airport?

    Going to Narita airport, you have many options. This article will introduce how to get there. Which one does work for you? For comparison, a table of fare and required time for each transportation is [...]
  • Kabukiza Theatre
    Things to do in Japan

    How to get a Kabuki Ticket?

    Kabuki is the Japan’s unique stage drama and one of the traditional arts. It is registered to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Kabuki is characterized by its unique costumes, make-up, various acting, elaborate stage [...]

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