10 Best Spots in Tokyo for Gamers

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10 Best Spots in Tokyo for for Gamers

Japan has many things to enjoy, such as food and entertainment, but let’s not forget the gaming culture. Japan has produced many masterpieces of video games for the world, such as the renowned Pokemon and Mario. For gamers from around the world, this city of Tokyo is a treasure trove of gaming culture, with an abundance of merchandise and entertainment spots related to its many video game characters. From arcades, game stores, game cafes, and places to explore the history of gaming, the city has plenty of great places worth exploring. In this article, we present 10 of the best gaming-related spots in Tokyo, perfect for Japanese gaming lovers of the world.

1. Arcades

If you are visiting Japan, be sure to have a good time in one of the country’s unique game arcades. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment such as shooting games, crane games, purikura, and more. In Japan, game arcades generally have a coin-insertion system for each game. Bring plenty of 100-yen coins to enjoy the fun of Japanese arcade games. This is your chance to compete with friends, learn new skills, and create fun memories!

2. Tokyo Game Show

Since its inception in 1996, the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) has become the largest and most watched gaming event in Japan, celebrating its 33rd anniversary in 2023. The event is an important milestone in the gaming industry, attracting companies and fans involved in gaming from around the world, and TGS is also the site of the Japan Game Awards ceremony, where awards are presented for outstanding game production, raising the profile of the event within the industry. TGS is an essential place for game enthusiasts and industry professionals to seek out new gaming experiences and the latest information.

Official Website: Tokyo Game Show

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3. Nintendo TOKYO

The official store directly operated by Nintendo in Japan is now located in Shibuya Parco! It is truly a paradise for Nintendo game fans. The store will not only sell character goods and other items, but will also host a variety of Nintendo game-related events and hands-on gaming events, making it a fun-filled destination. For game fans, this official store is also a great place to get their hands on popular Nintendo characters and game items.

Information Website: Nintendo TOKYO

Official Website is here

Dick Thomas Johnson, CC by 2.0 Deed, via Flickr

4. Pokemon Center

The Pokémon Center is a special place for those fascinated by Pokémon, offering a wide variety of merchandise for sale and Pokémon-related events. Here, you will find many items that tickle the fancy of Pokémon lovers. Enjoy immersing yourself in the world of Pokémon. Here you can purchase original Pokémon Center products, which are sure to mesmerize you with their unique charm. It is a must-visit spot for fans as the perfect place to find collectibles and gifts.

Official Website: Pokemon Center

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5. Super Potato

If you are looking for retro games in Akihabara, Super Potato is the best place to find them! This store has a reputation as a “mecca for retro games,” with numerous retro game items lined up throughout the store. Super Potato not only sells retro games, but also actively purchases them, making it a dream place for retro game collectors.

Official Website: Super Potato

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The official store of the Japanese video game company Capcom is now located in Shibuya Parco. The store is dedicated to Capcom’s popular characters and game series, and is a dream come true for fans of such titles as “Monster Hunter,” the “Resident Evil” series, and the “Street Fighter” series in particular. The shop offers a large selection of merchandise for these popular Capcom characters, and even more exclusive items that can only be found here.

Information Website: CAPCOM STORE TOKYO

Official Website is here

Cabeza2000, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

7. TCG Shops

Trading cards are special cards produced for the enjoyment of collecting and trading. They are sold and distributed for viewing and gaming. These cards span from original artworks to depictions of anime and video game figures, as well as portraits featuring athletes and celebrities. For trading card fans and collectors, Akihabara is truly a trading card paradise. The area is home to many trading card specialty stores, this is sure to be a fun and exciting adventure for any trading card enthusiast.

Danny Choo, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Deed, via Flickr


Located in Odaiba, JOYPOLIS is one of the largest indoor theme parks in Japan and is operated by SEGA, a Japanese video game company. This location offers more than 20 entertainment options, including screaming coasters and attractions featuring the latest VR technology. In addition, there is a wide selection of rides related to SEGA games, including attractions such as the Sonic series and The House of the Dead.

Official Website: JOYPOLIS

DocChewbacca, CC BY-SA 2.0 Deed, via Flickr

9. Game Bars

A game bar is a place where you can enjoy eating and drinking while playing games. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of games, from board games to video games, and it is a popular place to get together with friends and colleagues. It is a great place to spend a good time with friends or to visit as a couple on a date.

naosuke ii, CC BY 2.0 Deed, via Flickr

10. e-Sports Square Akihabara

e-Sports Square Akihabara shines as the first dedicated e-sports facility in Japan. Here, the staff have a wide range of knowledge and flexibility, and over 180 events are held throughout the year. The store is filled with a neon-lit atmosphere that makes you feel as if you have stepped into the world of gaming, allowing you to enjoy the frenetic world of e-Sports to the fullest in Akihabara. e-Sports Square Akihabara is a mecca for e-sports fans, a place to enjoy the latest competitions and tournaments, definitely the reason why it is always in the spotlight as the place to be. 

Official Website: e-Sports square Akihabara (Only in Japanese) 

Fugu Tabetai, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Deed, via Flickr

We’ve introduced 10 places for game fans in Tokyo in this article, which one will you go to first? Tokyo’s gaming scene is constantly evolving and offering new attractions, and it ill continue to be an attractive destination for gaming enthusiasts well into the future. Enjoy classic games in one of Tokyo’s arcades, make new friends in a game café, or find a valuable collection in a retro game store.We hope you enjoy your visit to the game spots in Tokyo and have a wonderful encounter with Tokyo’s gaming culture.

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