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The Complete Sushi Guide; History, Etiquette and Recommended Sushi Making Classes in Japan

Sushi is by far the most famous dish from the Japanese cuisine worldwide. this blog, we will explain you more about what sushi is, where it comes from, how to eat it and where you can learn more about how to make it yourself!
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Why You Should Have A Local Guide In Japan

From time to time, it is hard for foreigners to understand the Japanese culture, especially when you visit Japan for the first time. That is why we highly recommend you explore this beautiful country with a tour guide. Especially when you have a great interest in the culture and traditions. In this article, we give you our reasons!

Discover One of Tokyo’s Largest Parks: Ueno Park

When you have limited time to spend in Tokyo, but want to see a wide variety of things, Ueno Park is a great option. Ueno Park is the largest public park, located in the north east part of central Tokyo. Let's check out the main places to visit!

The Best 15 Boutique Hotels in Kyoto

Small hotels but could get the fancy feelings, boutique hotels are popular to stay in the beautiful city, Kyoto, Japan. Here are 15 boutique hotels we would like to recommend!
Tours & Workshops

The Best Calligraphy Workshops In Tokyo

Shodo, translated as the way of writing, is the traditional Japanese writing of kanji. Kanji is one of the 3 writings used in Japanese. In this article we will introduce several places where you can learn more about shodo and write your own name or favourite word.
Food & Drinks in Kyoto

5 Best Animal Cafes in Kyoto

If you are a cat lover and enjoy being around our furry friends, visiting an cat café in Kyoto should be on your must-d...
Seasonal Events

Traditional Events In Tokyo To Mark In Your Calendar

In spring and summer, almost every other weekend. We have listed 10 great festivals for you to mark in your agenda. When you find yourself in Tokyo during one of these events, visit some of these festivals.
Tours & Workshops

The Best 10 Places To Do Tea Ceremony In Tokyo

Are you looking for some places to experience Japanese tea ceremony in Tokyo?Here in this article, we introduced some recommended places to all your needs!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Find Your Treasures: Tsukiji Fish Market, Ubukeya Knife Store and Nihonbashi!

On Saturday February 1st, Japan Wonder Travel organised a trial tour to Tsukiji Market and Ubukeya knife store. In this blog we will hear from one of the participants about her experiences.
Places to visit in Kyoto

5 Beautiful Architectural Masterpieces To Visit In Kyoto

Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan and it is famous for its many ancient constructions that still exists. We have listed 5 must sees for you!
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