10 Best Ramen Restaurants in Fukuoka

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Ramen enthusiasts, it’s time to discover the pinnacle of flavor and texture of your favorite soup dish! Fukuoka, the Ramen capital of Japan, is a paradise for noodle aficionados. From rich Tonkotsu (pork bone) broths, delicate Shoyu (Soy sauce) flavors, firm noodles, and a smorgasbord of toppings, the city boasts a diverse range of Ramen experiences you can’t afford to miss. While this type of Ramen is well known for primarily being lightly colored Tonkotsu broths with thin, firm noodles and soft boiled eggs, there is still much to be discovered in the Fukuoka Ramen scene. Join us on a culinary journey through the best Ramen spots, where each bowl tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the unique flavors of Fukuoka.

1. Hakata Ramen Shin Shin

If the walls could talk… they would probably say all the things that have been posted on the walls… plenty of customers have left their comments of admiration for this Ramen shop which have been posted on the walls! Surely that should be an indicator of this shop’s steady fame. Hakata Ramen Shin Shin is a gem known for its velvety Tonkotsu broth. Pair it with their handmade, thin noodles and indulge in the perfect harmony of textures. What’s more is that they offer a wide menu of other items, even Yakitori (chicken skewers) so it’s a great spot to go if not everyone in your group is down for soup. The cozy ambiance adds to the charm, making it a local favorite.


2. Hakuryuken

8 decades… Not much else needs to be said to show the grip that Hakuryuken has on the Ramen scene here! This place keeps it simple and delicious, and is an iconic place for any Ramen enthusiast- definitely a must have. This Tonkotsu is graced by hints of Shoyu and chewy, thin, flat noodles as well as some juicy pork. 

3. Fukuchan Ramen

Fukuchan Ramen, which has used a strict recipe since ‘74, is a testament to simplicity done right. The classic tonkotsu broth here is a masterpiece, highlighting the essence of carefully selected pork bones. The noodle texture is a delight, and toppings are minimalistic, allowing the broth to shine. Fukuchan Ramen is a go-to spot for those seeking an authentic, unadulterated Ramen experience. 

4. Yama Chan 

Step into the world of Yatai (food stalls) along the Nakasu River, where Yama Chan stands out as a beacon of traditional Fukuoka street food culture. This open-air stall specializes in Nagahama-style Ramen, featuring a soy-based broth that’s both savory and comforting. The communal atmosphere, with locals and tourists alike, adds to the charm. Grab a seat, savor the Ramen, and soak in the lively ambiance of this riverside gem.


5. Hakata Issou

If you’re a Ramen purist, Hakata Issou is the pilgrimage site you’ve been searching for. This revered establishment, nestled in the heart of Hakata, takes pride in its classic Tonkotsu Ramen. The rich, creamy broth is a result of a meticulous cooking process that spans hours. The thin, straight noodles are the perfect vehicle for delivering this liquid gold to your taste buds. It’s a bowl that pays homage to tradition with every slurp, and is a personally recommended choice! They also sell instant Ramen- you can find them at Hakata station if not the shop!

6. Ichiran Ramen

namhdyk, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Flickr

Ichiran Ramen, a global phenomenon with its roots in Fukuoka, is a haven for solo diners. What sets it apart is the unique dining experience – private booths that let you savor your Ramen in solitary bliss. In fact, the only real contact point there is with the staff is their hands through a waist level window where they take your ticket, confirm your order, and hand you your ramen, it’s iconic. The focus here is on the Tonkotsu broth, customizable to your preferred richness, spice level, and noodle texture. The allure lies in the simplicity, allowing you to concentrate on the pure essence of Fukuoka’s signature flavors.


7. Hakata Ikkousha

Hakata Ikkousha, founded in 2004, is a more recent addition to the incredible Fukuoka ramen scene. It has gained an incredible amount of popularity in these last two decades, so much so that it has even expanded to the rest of the world with an impressive 51 overseas stores in countries like the US, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, to name a few! For an authentic taste with international appeal, head to Hakata Ikkousha! You may even be able to try it sooner than you think depending on where you’re reading from.


8. Ganso Akanoren Setchan Ramen Tenjin

Venture into the historic district of Tenjin to discover Ganso Akanoren Setchan Ramen, a revered spot with a legacy dating back decades, even longer than Hakaryuken, though only slightly. The Tonkotsu Ramen here is a triumph of simplicity, featuring a broth that is made from every part of the pig, and with a unique soy sauce that delicately yet effectively shines through. The handcrafted noodles and the meticulously chosen toppings elevate the experience, making it a cherished destination for Ramen connoisseurs seeking a taste of Fukuoka’s culinary heritage.

9. Ramen Unari Kiyokawa

Changing the pace ever so slightly, Unari Kiyokawa infuses a bit of seafood flavor into the delicious Tonkotsu broth. Dried sardines and bonito flakes come together to create even more of an Umami taste that’s remarkably delicious. You’ll also be able to order an Unari seafood rice bowl, as well as their special broth in Tsukemen (dipping noodle) fashion.


10. Hakata Sanki

Hakata Sanki is the place to go if you’re specifically interested in quality noodles. Well known for their “ra-muji” style, you’ll be able to enjoy some noodles that are made specifically for this kind of broth. Word has it that they don’t stretch during the boiling process which allows them to retain their firm texture and density, a great vessel for enjoying their remarkably tasty broth. The style of the restaurant is also great; the atmosphere is designed to look like Yatai- perhaps a tip of the hat to Nakasu? Either way, super tasty!


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