10 Best Ramen Restaurants in Osaka

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Welcome to Osaka, the foodie haven where every street corner seems to boast a culinary gem waiting to be discovered. While Osaka has made foods like Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki famous, it’s also simply one of the best spots to enjoy food in Kansai, let alone Japan, period. Among the countless delights, Osaka no doubt guarantees a wide variety of delicious Ramen choices. If you’re planning to visit the area and are a noodle chaser, then you are currently reading the introduction to the best list of Ramen joints for you to check out. There’s no doubt you’ll find your perfect bowl within this robust selection of broths, toppings, and noodle types. Without further ado, it’s time to discover!

1. Jinrui Mina Menrui

Regarded by many as the best Ramen shop in Osaka, Jinrui Mina Menrui sure knows how to make a bowl of Ramen. Their noodles are made with a type of flour that is used to make Sanuki Udon which makes the noodles thick, firm, and slippery. The texture compliments their wide variety of flavors and excellent toppings. The shop is known also for its large blocks of Chashu, a tender, juicy slice of specially prepared pork, a common topping for many kinds of Ramen. Be sure to stop here for an iconic taste and a good glimpse of Osaka’s tasty Ramen scene


2. Moeyo Mensuke

Ramen has a general variety of broths that seem to dictate their flavors and style. The most common ones you’ll come across are Shoyu (Soy sauce based), Shio (sea salt based), Tonkotsu (pork bone broth), and Miso. Chicken is also very common, but this store specializes in duck ramen! It’s not unheard of as ramen is incredibly versatile, but it’s certainly not on every street. They are also well known for their shellfish Ramen, though the duck is more popular. If youre looking to change things up and not sacrifice any taste, be sure to check out Moeyo Mensuke.


3. Chukasoba Mugen

Boasting Bib Gourmand from Michelin, this is absolutely a spot for anyone who enjoyes the flavors of both chicken and Soy sauce. This store specializes in a chicken based broth which is made from specially sourced chickens from reputable regions, and refined Soy sauce. The flavors come together elegantly and compliment the thinner, firmer chuka noodles perfectly. As a michelin approved spot, you have to know the dining experience will be immaculate.


4. Menya Fukuhara

Menya Fukuhara, following a similar style to the previous choice, is simple yet defined and serves a purely chicken broth. With various toppings like roast beef, chashu, and of course chicken, you’ll definitely have a tasty bowl to enjoy. Their noodles are firm and thin, a seeminlg great pair for the lighter broths like theirs. 


5. Kibunya Dotombori

Tsukemen is a great way to enjoy Ramen. Basically, the soup is much more dense, so much so that it is separated from the noodles and toppings, and is served more like a gravy. The way to enjoy it is to dip the toppings and noodles into the broth, rather than eating everything out of the soup. The density of the broth clings to everything nicely and you’re able to really taste the flavor. Oh yeah, as you could probably imagine, Kibunya is a Tsukemen place. They serve a variety of broths and even normal Ramen as well. They also serve a selection of side dishes like fried chicken and Gyoza, enjoy with some beer!

6. Kinryu Ramen Dotonbori

Pedro Szekely from Los Angeles, USACC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Behold the iconic dragon! Kinryu Ramen Dotonbori is a must-visit for those who want their ramen with a side of spectacle. The massive dragon sign above the shop is a beacon for hungry wanderers. The Ramen here is a classic, hearty bowl of tonkotsu ramen, offering a robust and flavorful experience. Tonkotsu Ramen typically has a very heavy disposition and is quite strong in smell, but that’s not necessarily the case at Kinryu. The founders goal was to make a bowl that women could enjoy too, as many women would avoid tonkotsu places because of the smell and overall strength. Rest assured, the flavor is certainly not diluted, though! Join the queue and let the dragon guide you to Ramen nirvana.


7. Chukasoba Uemachi

Another Michelin approved spot, Uemachi, is as delicious as it is precise. It is also another location that specializes in chicken based broth, though it is also combined with pork broth as well, giving it a more hearty flavor. Of course the chicken and pork are both specially sourced from Nara and Kagoshima, respectively. They also offer a Dashi-only soup, an interesting idea and something worth trying.

8. The Most Deserted Ramen Bar in the World

Clearly the founder has a good sense of humor! Maybe his bar would get even more “deserted” if he started a “free ramen” campaign… well pitch it. Anyways, what does deserted ramen taste like? Sand? Cake? No, that would be “desserted”… well, apparently it’s great tasting, and comes in a pleasant variety, complete with handmade noodles and a smattering of side dishes. Additionally, the atmosphere is not only not desert-y, it’s quite modern and innovative. Its youthful vibe and solo-diner-friendly layout makes it a great spot for the adventurer, and perhaps comedian. 


9. Kuso Oyaji Saigo-no-Hitofuri

Man, these chefs in Osaka can get away with any title, can’t they? So goes being in the region with the best food! Anyways, they translate this phrase themselves as “The Old Man’s Best Swing”. With no decorations relating to baseball, golf, or swing sets, it’s a bit of a let down… however the Ramen is good. If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll enjoy their clam based Ramen, though they don’t offer any other types, so make sure you’re good for it before going.


10. Ramen Jinsei JET

The final stop is certainly one you won’t want to miss, and one that takes simplicity to impressive levels. Since 2010, its been a significant presence on the food radar of Osaka. Offering a fairly basic chicken and Shoyu based broth, it is absolutely to die for- and it’s quite inexpensive, even for something typically cheap like Ramen. Word has it that the creamy chicken paitan is the bowl to try! What are you waiting for?


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