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Recently, there are some tourist spots in Japan that have been attracting a great deal of attention. Spots with a digital art theme. Digital art is art that uses projection mapping technology to project a variety of fantastic and beautiful images in a dark room. There are also sensors installed on the ceiling so that when a person touches the wall or stands on a specific point, the sensor reacts and shows various different reactions. It is truly a next generation art spot created using the latest technology. This article introduces some of the digital art spots that are attracting a lot of attention in Japan.

1. teamLab Borderless

Located in Odaiba, the futuristic man-made island in Tokyo Bay, “teamLab Borderless” is a pioneer of digital art museums in Japan. The concept of the digital art museum is being “a museum without a map”. Literally, the transition between the rooms (walls, ceiling, floor) is all covered with fantastic digital art projections, and the entire place is very artistic. The beauty of the digital art attracts not only people from Japan but also people from overseas. A large number of tourists visit one of the best museums in Tokyo every year. There is an area of countless fantastic lanterns, and an area of colorful flowers flowing in the waterfall, making it a spot that can be enjoyed all day long.

Mori Building Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless Tokyo

If you visit teamLab Borderless, you should definitely visit “En Tea House” located inside the venue. It serves a menu of Japanese tea drinks such as green tea and barley tea lattes, making it the perfect place to take a short break. The biggest entertainment at this tea house is after you order your tea. A teacup is placed in front of you, and when the staff pours the drink you ordered into it, a beautiful flower blooms inside the teacup. Everyone has a different flower, so it is very enjoyable. It’s a very photogenic moment, so be sure to stop by when you visit teamLab Borderless in Odaiba!

Because of its popularity, we recommend getting tickets in advance. To prevent you from a long waiting time (or even be sent off)!
Get your tickets for teamLab Borderless here

teamLab Borderless 
Admission fee ¥3,200 adult (>15), ¥1,000 children (4-14)

2. teamLab Planets Tokyo

teamLab has also opened a new digital art museum in Toyosu, not far from Odaiba. teamLab Planets Tokyo is an adventurous place where you can enjoy not only your visual senses but also other senses. For example, in the area where the floor is filled with knee-high water like a footbath, there are many beautiful carp swimming around, and you will feel as if you are standing in a river.

Sasa0403, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are also digital artworks where various beautiful flowers dance around the dome in 360 degrees in all directions, where you can lie down and enjoy this fantastic moment. Be sure to check it out along with teamLab Borderless Planets in Odaiba!

TeamLab Planets is now offering a student discount for February 2022!
(based on the activity date) University and college students ¥2,500→¥2,250
Junior high and high school students ¥2,000→¥1,800
Get your tickets for teamlab Planets here

teamLab Planets 
Admission fee ¥3,200 adult (>15), ¥300 children (4-12)

3. Little Planet DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

If you’re in Odaiba, why not take your kids to a new kind of theme park? Little Planet Odaiba is located in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, one of the major shopping malls in Tokyo. It is described as a next-generation theme park that combines technology and children’s play and fosters children’s inquisitive minds and imagination through what they see and touch. In the area where AR technology and sand play are fused together, when sand is piled up like a mountain, the shapes of mountains and oceans are actually projected on it. In the ball pool with sensors and projectors, not only can you have fun in the ball pool, but when you hit the ball against the wall, various visual effects will appear on it. There are plenty of areas for children to have fun. Tickets are sold for 30, 60, or 90 minutes, and you can extend your admission by 15 minutes for an additional fee. Free pass tickets are also available for those who want to spend the whole day there!

Little Planet DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (Only in Japanese)
Prices range between ¥700 – ¥1,200

4. Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki Prefecture, a west area in Kyushu, is Japan’s largest theme park based on the Netherlands. The symbol of the park is a large waterwheel and streets inside the park create the same atmosphere of streets in the Netherlands. The illumination area can be seen throughout the year, and depending on the time of year, colorful flowers bloom and fireworks are held at night so that you can enjoy it all year long.

In March 2021, a new digital art attraction area called “Fantasia City of Light” opened in Huis Ten Bosch. This area is divided into seven specific sections, all with a nature theme. “Flower Fantasia”, where beautiful flowers bloom as digital art; “Sea Fantasia”, where colorful fish swim around; “Space Fantasia”, where the entire room is a spaceship to unlock the secrets of the universe; “Forest Fantasia Cafe” where you can rest with a delicious drink while surrounded by a forest full of greenery; “Athletic Fantasia”, where you can enjoy a truly next-generation athletic experience; “Carillon Fantasia”, which is a magnificent collaboration of music and light art; “Art Fantasia,” which shows a love story between two people woven by digital art and welcomed by a majestic dance organ.

Get your entrance tickets for Huis Ten Bosch

See also this blog for more information about Huis Ten Bosch! 

5. MoonFlower Sagaya Ginza

MoonFlower Sagaya Ginza is a new kind of restaurant located in Ginza, Tokyo, also created by TeamLab. It is a hot spot where you can enjoy not only the sight but also delicious food at the same time. Sagaya Ginza is famous for its delicious dishes of Saga beef, a Japanese brand of beef, and teamLab, a visual entertainer, collaborated to create this gorgeous restaurant. You can eat tasty food while being surrounded by beautiful digital art and it is definitely one of the most romantic moments of your life. Arita-yaki pottery is used for the dishes, and everything from the space, to the plates, to the food is just luxurious and gorgeous. If you are looking for a unique, fancy night out, this will be just the thing for you. The menu is a 12-course meal using Saga beef, and there are only eight seats. Reservations are required, so if you want to have a wonderful experience at this restaurant, be sure to visit the official website online or call to make a reservation.

MoonFlower Sagaya Ginza
12-course diner ¥25.000 – ¥33.000

This article introduced five digital art spots, but have you found a place you would like to visit? Japan’s latest projection technology has gone beyond the concept of art, and is showing its power in various fields such as amusement parks and restaurants. In the future, we may be able to see more collaborations with digital art in other fields. Some spots offer online tickets and coupons, so be sure to check the official website before you visit. Why don’t you stop by this fantastic and romantic spot?

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Happy travelling!

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