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When you decide to travel cheap with Go To Travel Campaign, you may wonder what is the best way to use coupons and how to use it. So, we will explain the examples of using the coupons and we will also tell you the local specialties in the popular destinations so that you will know which items you should buy with coupons.
If you have no idea about the coupons, please check this article which explains it in the detail. (Everything You Need to Know About Go To Travel Campaign Coupons)

If you want to travel cheap with Go To Travel Campaign, please contact us!

The best way to use coupons

When you go on a trip using the GoTo Travel Campaign, you want to use the coupons. As we explained in the last article, it is valid only during your travel date, and you can only use them at your destination (or neighboring prefectures).
You can buy some souvenir gifts, and even deliver to them (if it’s domestic) to your friends or family with coupons. Or you can have lunch/dinner at your hotel (often it’s not included in the accommodation fee) with coupons. It’s also good to find a local restaurant and enjoy the specialty with coupons.
You can also use them for the transportation and car rentals, and to pay entrance fee for art museums and other leisure facilities.

Below, we will introduce some facilities you can use the coupons in the popular destinations and also, some specialty foods you should try with coupons!


One of the popular destinations in Japan is Hokkaido, beautiful nature and unique townscape attract many visitors all year round.
In Sapporo City, how about using the coupons for Sapporo TV Tower? Not only you can enjoy the view of Sapporo City but also the view of mountains and sea in the distance.
In Hakodate, you can use the coupons to take a 30 minutes cruising with Bluemoon or enjoy the view of Goryokaku from Goryokaku Tower.

The specialty foods in Hokkaido are varied, but especially Miso Ramen, seafood such as Kaisendon (Sushi bowl), soup curry and salmon dishes are popular. Also cheese and dairy products, so cheesecakes are one of the best choices for your souvenir gifts. The popular souvenir gift from Hokkaido among Japanese are Shiroi Koibito cookies and Marusei Butter Sand, and if you like the salty snack, try potato snacks Jagapockle!

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You can’t climb up Mt.Fuji during the winter but you can still enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji, onsen hot springs and the lake around the Mt.Fuji area.
We recommend you to join the local activities with coupons. In the Lake Kawaguchi area, Country LAKE SYSTEMS offers the outdoor activities including kayaking. Also in the Lake Motosu area, it’s a great place to enjoy the outdoor activities such as SUP and kayaking with AQUA TRAIL Outfitter Fuji.

The specialty foods around Mt.Fuji are Hoto in Yamanashi prefecture and soba noodles, Fujinomiya yakisoba and seafoods in Shizuoka. Also you can have some fresh green tea!

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There are so many things to do in Tokyo, from the nature spot to the city attractions, and there are various ways to use the coupons. One of the popular destinations in Tokyo, teamLab Planets which is located in Toyosu, accept to use the coupons. But you will need to buy the ticket beforehand.

Also, you can take our tours in Tokyo with coupons! We operate Food and Drink tours in Tsukiji, Sunamachi and Asakusa and also we have the private walking tours with a local knowledgeable guide.
If you are interested in our tours, please contact us!

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Osaka is a colorful and energetic city in Kansai region.
You can use the coupons for the entrance fee of Osaka Castle (you can only use paper coupons).
The unique way to use the coupons is Mameshiba Cafe where you can play with some cute Shiba dogs! (only paper coupons)

Osaka is popular for its delicious foods, especially Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki.
Visit 551 Horai where they sell some Nikuman (steamed pork buns) to bring some home, but you can buy it from 本店(Honten) with coupons.

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Needless to say, Kyoto is one of the must-visit places in Japan where visitors can see the well preserved historical districts. It’s a good idea to rent a kimono and walk around the traditional town, there are so many places you can do with coupons but for example, Kimono Rental Kyoetsu which is located near Kiyomizu temple will be convenient. And with MAIKOYA Kyoto, you can enjoy the tea ceremony experience in Kimono.
Another fun way to use your coupons is KYOTO SAMURAI and NINJA MUSEUM where you can take a sword lesson and armor trial, and enjoy the Samurai show. There is also Ninja experience!

One of the local specialties in Kyoto is Obanzai which is Kyoto style home cooking using the local and seasonal ingredients. Yatsuhashi is a sweet which is typical souvenir gift of Kyoto, and you can try basically any matcha sweets!

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Hiroshima is very known for two things, one is the historical aspect of the atomic bomb dropped in 1945, and the other is the floating Torii gate in Miyajima.
You can use the coupon at Orizuru Tower right near Atomic Bomb Dome where you can enjoy the view of Miyajima when it’s clear sky. There is no window on the rooftop observation deck so you can feel the refreshing air outside!

In Miyajima, go to Iwamura Momijiya for the famous Momiji Manju. It is one of the most popular local sweets you can only get in Hiroshima. There are some more souvenir shops around Itsukushima Shrine that you can use the coupons.
Other choice of local specialties, try Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki and oysters.

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Okinawa is always an ideal destination for your vacation. As for using the coupons, Naha Kokusai Dori (literally means International Street) is a perfect place to spend some coupons for your souvenir gifts! The popular souvenir snacks is Chinsuko which is an Okinawan biscuit, and you can use the paper coupon to buy some at Arakaki Chinsuko Honpo. And if you want to buy other souvenir gifts such as a small figure of Shisars (Okinawan guardian lions) and Awamori (Okinawan Sake) and Okinawa’s specialties, these are available and ready to accept coupons at Shisar Kan and Okinawaya and more!

There are many local specialties you can only enjoy in Okinawa, for example, Okinawa soba noodle, Agu pork cuisine and Goya chanpuru etc., try Awamori together with delicious Okinawan foods!

My Go To Travel Experience to Ishigaki
In oktober I travelled to Ishigaki with the Go To Travel campaign, using the services of Japan Wonder Travel. Here I will share my experiences.

There will be a flyer at the entrance if the place is participating Go To Travel Campaign, and tell you which types of coupon you can use. But it might be better to look at the map beforehand since some area has very limited use for the coupons. Please read more about the detail on this article; Everything You Need to Know About Go To Travel Campaign Coupons

If your travel destinations are not included above, please ask us in the comment and we will tell you our recommendation and the local specialties! There are a number of facilities and restaurants where you can use the coupons, check the map here to search for your destinations.

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