Toyosu Market Restaurants Guide -new fish market in Tokyo

As we reported, Tsukiji inner market was moved to Toyosu makret.
It means that the restaurants in Tsukiji inner market also were moved to Toyosu.

We received lots of inquiries about the location of restaurants in Toyosu.
So we wrote this post.

We hope this post help you to enjoy Toyosu, Japan!

*Our Toyosu & Tsukiji tour


Where are the Restaurants in Toyosu

At Tsukiji inner market, the restaurants were gathered at same place goods and restaurants area “Uogashi yokocho”.
It was really convenient for not only tourists but also workers in Tsukiji.

BUT the restaurants area were divided to 3 areas, Block6 (6街区), Block7 (7街区) and Block5 (5街区).
-Block6: Fisheries Intermediate Wholesale Market
-Block7: Fisheries Wholesale Market
-Block5: Fruit and Vegetables Wholesale Market

Then what restaurants are at each area?


Restaurants map of BLOCK 6 [3rd floor]

There is biggest restaurants area at 3rd floor of Block 6.
Sushi dai, one of the most famous sushi restaurant is located here.



  • Sushidai(寿司大)
  • Iwasa sushi(岩佐寿し)
  • Sushi bun(鮨文)
  • Bentomi(弁富)
  • Yamahara(山はら)
  • Iso sushi(磯寿司)
  • Sei(勢)
  • Sho(昌)

Kaisendon(Sashimi(raw fish) on rice)

Sea eel

  • Yonehana(米花)
  • Fukusen(福せん)



  • Odayasu [Pork cutlet](小田保:とんかつ)
  • Rokumeiken [Japanese western-style cuisine](禄明軒:洋食)
  • Toritoh [Oyako-don](鳥藤:親子丼)
  • Fudino [Ramen](ふぢの:ラーメン)
  • Nakaei [Curry](中栄:カレー)
  • Toyochan [Japanese western-style cuisine](豊ちゃん:洋食)
  • Yoshinoya [beef bowl](吉野家:牛丼)
  • Ikinoya [seafood](粋のや:海鮮)
  • Takahashi [seafood](高はし:海鮮)

Restaurants map of BLOCK 7 [3rd floor]

At 3rd floor of Block7, there are also many restaurants.
If it’s too busy at Block6, how about block7?



  • Yamazaki(すし処やまざき)
  • Ichiba Sushi(市場すし)
  • Kagura Sushi(神楽寿司)
  • Okame(すし処おかめ)
  • Ryu Sushi(龍寿司)
  • Sushimasa(銀座鮨正)



  • Tomina [Pizza](トミーナ:ピザ)
  • Yachiyo [Pork cutlet](八千代:とんかつ)
  • Kimuraya [Cafe](木村家:喫茶)
  • Yajima [Ramen](やじ満:中華)
  • Aiyou [Tempura](愛養:天ぷら)
  • Mosuke [Japanese sweets](茂助:だんご)

Restaurants map of BLOCK 5 [1st floor]

As we said, Block 5 is Fruit and Vegetables Wholesale Market area.
It’s smaller than fish market and there are only 3 restaurants including Daiwa sushi which is famous sushi restaurant as Sushi Dai.

We think here is a pleasant out-of-the-way spot in Toyosu market.



  • Fujimiya [Soba](富士見屋:そば)
  • Tenfusa [Tempura](天房:天ぷら)

What hotel is closest to Toyosu market

We think this is a first restaurants map of Toyosu market in English.
The observation deck for tourists is not good in Toyosu, but these restaurants are great!

Hope you enjoy Toyosu.

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