10 Best Hotels With a Hot Spring in Tokyo

Relaxing in an Onsen Hotels
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Bryce was born in California, but raised from the age of 3 near Seattle, Washington. He’s been living in Tokyo for about 7 years, and graduated from Temple University, Japan with degrees in economics and international business. He loves traveling of course, but also cooking, snowboarding, some video games as well. His biggest interest is songwriting/music production, more specifically electronic music… (think Skrillex, Marshmello, Daft Punk, etc.) He also has terrible humor as you’ll notice, but he hopes you’ll enjoy it!

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Tokyo is mostly known for its array of neon lights, towering skyscrapers, and wild experiences. Being able to find almost anything to do in this diverse city should leave no room for surprise that peaceful Onsen are also just as easy to find. Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of traditional hot springs while experiencing the epitome of Japanese hospitality. In this guide, we will go on a journey to discover Tokyo’s best hotels with an Onsen. Each hotel is a unique gem, offering a distinct blend of architecture, interior design, and culinary delights. So, let’s dive in and explore these heavenly retreats!

1. Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Tokyo Daita

Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Daita, Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Tokyo Daita captures the essence of traditional Japan. This exquisite Ryokan seamlessly combines modern comforts with classic Japanese aesthetics. Step into a world of serenity within the bustling metropolis. The rooms exude elegance and tranquility, featuring Tatami flooring, Shoji screens, and breathtaking garden views. The true highlight awaits you in the Onsen, where mineral-rich waters soothe your weary soul. Indulge in a traditional Japanese meal for both dinner and breakfast at their restaurant; be sure to reserve in advance!

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2. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Prepare to be enchanted by the timeless elegance of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Located in the heart of the city, this grand hotel is a sanctuary of luxury. The onsen at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offers a deluxe retreat with its palace-like elements, complete with open-air baths surrounded by lush greenery. After a revitalizing soak, treat your taste buds to a culinary journey through Japan at one of their exceptional restaurants. Their array of European meals will surely leave you full and ready to rest up.

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3. Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku

For those seeking a unique blend of tradition and modern style, Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku is an absolute gem. Located in the vibrant Shinjuku district, this Ryokan captures the essence of contemporary Japanese design. The sleek and minimalist interior seamlessly integrates elements of nature, creating a serene atmosphere. Relax in their Onsen, boasting both indoor and outdoor baths, and let the therapeutic waters wash away your cares. Their restaurant is surely able to satisfy your cravings, but consider walking around nearby; Shinjuku offers a plethora of fine options.

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4. The Prince Park Tower Tokyo


Rising majestically above the lush greenery of Shiba Park, The Prince Park Tower Tokyo offers a luxurious retreat in the heart of the city. This towering oasis boasts stunning panoramic views of Tokyo’s skyline and the iconic Tokyo Tower. The hotel’s spacious and tastefully designed rooms ensure deep relaxation in class. While this 5-star wonder of course has an amazing onsen, they also have other amenities like a pool and fitness center. Afterward, indulge in a culinary adventure at one of their world-class restaurants offering a wide range of foods, from traditional Japanese to French cuisine.

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5. Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport

Convenience meets comfort at Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport. Perfectly situated near Haneda Airport, this stylish hotel is an ideal choice for those with early morning flights or long layovers. Step into their contemporary rooms, designed with sleek lines and modern furnishings, providing a cozy atmosphere for a restful stay. Their Onsen come in a variety and usually are accompanied by incredible views of the water- there’s no way you won’t be at maximum relaxation in one of them

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6. Onyado Nono Asakusa Natural Hot Spring

Indulge in the calming embrace of natural hot springs at Onyado Nono Asakusa Natural Hot Spring. If you seek a touch of cultural inspiration, this is the perfect option for you. Embracing the traditional Ryokan style, this hotel presents cozy rooms adorned with Tatami flooring and futon beds. Their Onsen offers a very natural aesthetic with plenty of wooden and bamboo elements. Along with a delightful breakfast, you’ll be able to enjoy some free noodles in the evening at no extra charge!

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7. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Indulge in unparalleled luxury at the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi. Situated in the prestigious Marunouchi district, this five-star hotel offers a blend of sophistication and contemporary design. The spacious rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows, providing stunning views of the city skyline. Pamper yourself at their tranquil Onsen, offering a serene escape. When it comes to dining, the hotel boasts a remarkable culinary scene with restaurants offering an array of international cuisines, including an exceptional French restaurant serving exquisite dishes that will leave you speechless.

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8. Dormy Inn Akihabara

If you’re in search of a blend of comfort, affordability, and a hint of traditional Japanese allure, your quest ends here at Dormy Inn Akihabara. This inviting hotel presents cozy rooms adorned with Tatami flooring and futon beds, immersing you in an authentic Japanese atmosphere. Akihabara may be the last place you’d expect to find such an earthy, natural-looking onsen, but no need for questions, just relax and enjoy. And when hunger strikes during the late hours, Dormy Inn Akihabara is like-minded with Onyado Nono as it also treats its guests to a complimentary Ramen supper, guaranteeing a satisfying bedtime experience.

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9. Centurion Hotel & Spa Ueno Station

Centurion Hotel & Spa Ueno Station combines convenience and relaxation in the lively Ueno district. This modern hotel boasts deep and rich color palettes that are just as deep and rich as the flavors of their on site Yakiniku. Their Onsen is the perfect complement to this wonderful selection of enjoyment. It’s the perfect place to stay in Ueno; be sure to check out Ueno Park for further relaxation and some fresh air!

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10. Super Hotel Premier Ikebukuro Natural Hot Spring

Experience comfort and warmth at Super Hotel Premier Ikebukuro Natural Hot Spring. Situated in the bustling Ikebukuro district, this hotel offers cozy and contemporary rooms, designed with your utmost comfort in mind. Unwind in their humble Onsen, perfect for relaxing after an adventurous day. When it’s time to dine, Ikebukuro is a food lover’s paradise. Be sure to step outside the hotel for a delectable array of tasty food!

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