10 Best Hotels and Ryokan in Hakone

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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Japan, Hakone stands as a tranquil haven, renowned for its soothing hot springs, mesmerizing views of Mount Fuji, and a rich cultural tapestry. This idyllic destination attracts travelers seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and luxury. From contemporary retreats to authentic ryokan experiences, these accommodations promise not just a stay, but an immersive journey into the heart of Hakone’s beauty and charm. In this article, we delve into the realm of hospitality, presenting the best hotels and ryokan in Hakone.

1. Hakone Gora KARAKU

Located in the heart of Hakone, Hakone Gora Karaku is a popular hot spring ryokan that prides itself on its location with spectacular views. The collaboration of Hakone’s beautiful scenery and its paradise-like hot springs has made the ryokan a favorite of many. Divided into an east wing and a west wing, each of the 70 guest rooms offers a different flavor and luxurious view, and each is equipped with a hot spring open-air bath. To ensure that guests can fully enjoy Hakone’s famous hot springs to their heart’s content, the hotel is equipped with two open-air baths with different atmospheres and three private baths for rent. Gora Karaku invites many travelers to be surrounded by the charm of Hakone and the magic of the landscape and the paradise hot spring.

Official Website: Hakone Gora KARAKU

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2. Centurion Hakone Bettei

Centurion Hakone Bettei is a hidden gem of a ryokan, surrounded by the Hakone mountains and offering a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The guest rooms are decorated in a blend of traditional Japanese style and modern design, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for guests. The cuisine is also luxurious, ensuring an immaculate dining experience. The highest quality beef, carefully selected by a long-established meat restaurant in Ueno, Tokyo, is used to create exquisite sukiyaki and shabu-shabu dishes. Please spend a special moment at Centurion Hakone Bettei, where the tranquility of the mountains and the finest of tastes combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Official Website: Centurion Hakone Bettei (Only in Japanese) 

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3. Fujiya Hotel

Fujiya Hotel was established in 1878 as Japan’s first resort hotel. Beginning with the founder’s Western-style building constructed in Miyanoshita, the hotel underwent various additions and renovations to become one of Hakone’s most magnificent architectural complexes. The hotel’s in-house hot spring offers a magnificent view of the Hakone Mountains and the natural beauty of the four seasons, as well as the famous hot spring known as Miyanoshita Onsen. The hotel’s restaurant offers a full range of historic French flavors that have been enjoyed since 1930, welcoming guests with a full-service breakfast in the morning and refined French cuisine at lunch and dinner time, following the same recipes as those used when the hotel was first established.

Official Website: Fujiya Hotel

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If you are looking for luxury, Hakone Retreat Villa 1/f is the place for you. Here, the law based on the wavelength of relaxation, called 1/f, or “1/f fluctuation,” is the concept behind the hotel’s 11 guest rooms, which consist of independent villas with hot springs that offer complete privacy. Here, TVs and clocks are intentionally left out, allowing guests to relax in tranquility and enjoy the beauty of nature. Hakone Retreat Villa 1/f is a special place where ultimate healing and luxurious experiences are harmoniously combined.

Official Website: HAKONE RETREAT VILLA by Onko Chishin

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5. Gora Kadan

Gora Kadan is a historic Hakone ryokan; a villa used by one of Japanese royal family members for summer retreats that has been renovated and is now used as a luxury accommodation facility. The ryokan boasts very high quality hot spring water and owns three onsen sources. Two of them are private sources that spring from within the garden, allowing guests to spend a peaceful time in the richness of the hot water. At the hotel’s kaiseki restaurant, you can enjoy sumptuous kaiseki cuisine prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients to your heart’s content while taking in the natural beauty of Hakone. The restaurant is also easily accessible to day-trippers, and is recommended for those who wish to experience an extraordinary atmosphere.

Official Website: Gora Kadan

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6. Hakone Kowakien Tenyu

Hakone Kowakien -Tenyu- boasts a luxurious open-air hot spring bath in every room, offering a lodging experience with a beautiful view of Hakone all to yourself. Guests can choose from three different grades of how to enjoy their private hot spring bath, from standard rooms to the more open-plan type, and up to six top-of-the-line rooms. For meals, try the hotel’s signature Japanese and Western premium buffet. The chef’s skillful cooking of Japanese and Western creations is truly exquisite. Hakone Kowakien -Tenyu- offers an exquisite luxury lodging experience that combines the luxury of hot springs and gastronomy.

Official Website: Hakone Kowakien Tenyu

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7. Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora

Why don’t you enjoy a hot spring bath to your heart’s content in an oasis surrounded by Hakone’s natural beauty? Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora is filled with artwork inspired by Hakone’s beautiful nature and local culture, and is a curious and innovative space that connects the past with the present. All rooms are equipped with private hot spring baths, allowing guests to enjoy a blissful stay without worrying about other guests. The attached restaurant and bar offer a mature atmosphere for an enjoyable evening in Hakone. Enjoy a daring stay at Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora, where nature meets art.

Official Website: Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora

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8. Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa

This hotel in Hakone Gora, managed by the Hyatt Group, is a destination not to be missed. At the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort & Spa, you can enjoy luxurious hot spring baths in separate, spacious baths for men and women. All 80 guest rooms are at least 56 square meters in size, and Japanese/Western-style rooms can accommodate up to four people. Of particular note are the six “Dog Friendly Rooms” offered by this hotel. These special rooms are equipped with a washing area and cage for the exclusive use of your dog, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant Hakone Onsen experience with your beloved pet.

Official Website: Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa

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9. Hakone Nanase (formerly known as Manatei Hakone)

Hakone Nanase is a special hotel established in July 2012 in Hakone Miyanoshita. The rooms and corridors harmonize with the hotel’s in-house art gallery and music to provide a healing and artistic space for guests visiting the hotel. In particular, guests can enjoy the luxury of comfortable hot spring bathing in the three free private open-air baths with free-flowing hot spring water from the hotel’s own hot springs. In addition, guests can also enjoy Japanese cuisine prepared with organic vegetables. Hakone Nanase offers a blissful stay where art, music, hot springs, and delicious food are in perfect harmony.

Official Website: Hakone Nanase 

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10. Mizunoto

Mizunoto is a hotel by the Dormy Inn Group, where you can soak in the benefits of “Kowakudani Onsen” and “Miyanoshita Onsen”, two of Hakone’s 17 hot springs. These hot springs promise a pleasant healing experience. Spa services are also recommended at the fragrant resort salon;  you can enjoy various treatments by professionals. Refresh your mind and body and experience luxurious relaxation. For dinner, you can choose from a selection of courses, and two menus incorporating local mountain and sea delicacies will be served. The chef’s playful and carefully selected menu will allow you to fully enjoy the richness of nature.

Official Website: Mizunoto

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We introduced some of the top recommended ryokans in Hakone, are there any that caught your eye? Whether you indulge in the opulence of contemporary hotels or embrace the serenity of a traditional ryokan, Hakone’s allure is timeless. Each stay, a chapter in the story of your Japanese sojourn, adds to the tapestry of experiences that make this destination unforgettable. Until your next journey, may the memories of Hakone’s best hotels and ryokan continue to echo in your heart, beckoning you back to this enchanting corner of Japan. Let’s embark on a virtual tour of this enchanting region, where modern comforts seamlessly intertwine with time-honored traditions.

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