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Bryce was born in California, but raised from the age of 3 near Seattle, Washington. He’s been living in Tokyo for about 7 years, and graduated from Temple University, Japan with degrees in economics and international business. He loves traveling of course, but also cooking, snowboarding, some video games as well. His biggest interest is songwriting/music production, more specifically electronic music… (think Skrillex, Marshmello, Daft Punk, etc.) He also has terrible humor as you’ll notice, but he hopes you’ll enjoy it!

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Welcome, coffee aficionados and latte art enthusiasts, to the vibrant streets of Tokyo where every café boasts their own unique brand and expertise in all things coffee. There are cafes that are great for people who are all about the blends and flavors, and would prefer it as black as the night, while others can’t enjoy it without the creamy, frothy delight of a latte or cappuccino. If you’re in the latter half, then this is the right collection of cafes for you. In this bustling metropolis, where tradition meets innovation, you’ll discover an exciting array of cafes that transform your morning brew into a mesmerizing masterpiece. Join us on a journey through the city’s top cafes, each offering a unique twist on latte art that’s as captivating as the city itself.

1. Hatcoffee

First up is Hatcoffee, located near Asakusa, and it’s more than a café—it’s an artistic haven. With an ambiance that merges contemporary chic with Japanese minimalism, Hatcoffee delivers latte art that’s both stunning and innovative. While traditional latte art is something to admire, like beautiful rosettas dotted with little hearts and flourishes, Hatcoffee takes art to the next level with illustrations and 3D figures. The baristas here are true artists, using frothy milk as their canvas. The cafe also serves cocktails; they may not be as three-dimensional as the lattes but they are certainly just as tasty!


2. Reissue

Another great cafe that offers exceptional, insta-worthy latte art in three dimensions is Reissue, located in Harajuku, not too far from the perpetually popular Takeshita street. Watch as your cup comes alive with frothy kittens, adorable pandas, or perhaps whatever you fancy. These creations are so intricate, you’ll hesitate to take that first sip. But when you do, you’ll discover a balanced brew that’s as delightful as its presentation. The café’s whimsical atmosphere and attention to detail make every visit a unique experience.


3. Nissan Crossing Cafe

Momoko Nishio, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Flickr

Tokyo is known for its cutting-edge technology, and Nissan Crossing Cafe in Ginza seamlessly integrates this futuristic vibe into their latte art. Imagine having your selfie or favorite design printed onto your latte with edible ink! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. But as we know, technology is expanding like crazy, so you never know what’s next or how soon. For now, just appreciate the incredible novelty of being able to drink a latte with any image you want on it!


4. Up to You Coffee

At Up to You Coffee between Ueno and Asakusa, you can unleash your inner artist by customizing your latte art design. The owner is a renowned latte artist who has competed at worldwide competitions in locations like Denver, US. He’s also won several contests in Japan, originally being trained in Melbourne, Australia. So, it’s your imagination vs. the limits of his capabilities… Who will win? Seems like you have to go and find out!

5. Latte Art Mania Tokyo

Variety is the spice of life, and at Latte Art Mania Tokyo in Minato, surprises await in every cup. Unlike the first 3 options, this location does not rely on any fancy technology or tools to create your latte art. More like the previous option, the expert baristas are only armed with a steam wand, a mug, an espresso machine, and of course the beans and milk! Everything you see here is in the pour, a refined talent. With ever-changing designs, every visit feels like a new adventure. 

6. Turret Coffee Tsukiji

hengtee lim, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Flickr

In the heart of Tsukiji Outer Market, Turret Coffee pays homage to the deep history of Tsukiji market. The name “Turret” comes from the little vehicles that the products were transported on, and actually you can sit on one in the cafe! But what about art? No doubt about it- they have that on point. This store does not seem to put weight on their ability to create latte art, but it’s actually quite impressive and worth a visit. It’s a quirky store with a homey atmosphere and delicious coffee.

7. Hattifnatt Kichijoji

Step into the imaginative world of Hattifnatt in Kichijoji, where fantasy becomes reality. Their latte art is a canvas for creatures from folklore—think mischievous Tengu and adorable Tanuki. These mythical beings are brought to life with frothy milk and a sprinkle of magic. The café’s dreamy atmosphere makes it a favorite among both locals and tourists seeking a dash of enchantment. Not to mention, they have a wide selection of food as well, and of course it plays along with the theme perfectly.


8. Penguin Cafe

No, there’s no actual penguins here unfortunately… but the latest adorned with cute penguin faces are just as good! This cafe is full of quirky combos, honestly. Firstly, coffee and penguins don’t really share much in common, and the cafe founder used to be a radio director and sushi chef… his mind is certainly a place of adventure! But it seems like it all worked out- their siphon brewed coffee is incredibly delicious, and cute. Be sure to check out Asagaya for this wonderful treat!

9. Streamer Coffee Company

machai.dai, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Flickr

With various locations such as Shibuya and Shimokitazawa, Streamer Coffee Company is a haven for those who appreciate incredibly tasty coffee and some exquisite latte art. Their baristas are renowned for their precise techniques and intricate designs. These beautiful works of art are not only great to post to Insta, but also to enjoy- really, their coffee is delectable! Pair your masterpiece with their melt-in-your-mouth pastries or maybe another one of their snacks for the best experience.


10. Roar Coffee House and Roastery

Our journey concludes at Roar Coffee House and Roastery in Meguro. This café takes latte art to new heights by infusing their creations with a burst of color. By adding colored ingredients to the milk, they are able to create incredibly vibrant latte art, something quite memorable, and yes, great for the gram. And for all you coffee lovers, don’t worry, taste is certainly not sacrificed here- they roast their carefully selected beans in house and the colors are flavorless! 


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