Sanrio Puroland: The Most Kawaii Place in Japan

Sanrio Puroland Places to visit in Tokyo
1990, 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN S/D・G  著作 株式会社サンリオ
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Kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese, but the subculture in Japan created around the word has grown so much that it is now ingrained in Japanese pop culture and has proliferated around the world over the decades. Sanrio is the creator of some of the world’s cutest characters, like Hello Kitty and Gudetama. However, there are a countless number Sanrio characters known across the globe, making this company one of the world’s biggest influences on the “kawaii culture.” Sanrio Puroland is the embodiment of this culture, which means it is the most kawaii place in all of Japan. 

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1990, 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN S/D・G  著作 株式会社サンリオ

What is Sanrio Puroland?

Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park where you can meet Hello Kitty and other world-famous Sanrio characters. It’s a place that is inviting to both children and adults alike, where the first step in the park feels like you’ve entered a fairytale come to life. From the entertainment to the merchandise to even the station you arrive at to get there, there is not a single thing to find about this theme park that wouldn’t make even a grown man say “kawaii <3.”

Some reasons to come

From the outside, you wouldn’t expect the park to be as big as it is. One might wonder how they fit all of the different things in the building. This isn’t just a place where you come to look at adorable things. This theme park has a ton of different interactive rides, activities, and other fun and entertaining features. There are nine different attractions that you won’t want to miss! That’s not even counting the random occurrences like stumbling upon the interactive contraptions on the walls or running into some of the funniest and most friendly staff in Japan! It’s also a neat fact that the park is in the shape of Hello Kitty!

Where to begin

The first thing you might think is “wow, there’s so much to choose from! Where do I start?” Well, don’t worry. We got you. Sanrio also has your back, too. From their Japanese website you can tailor your visit to suit your needs. Whether you attend with children, a date, a friend or even by yourself, you can create a specialized itinerary to optimize your time there and maximize the amount of fun you have. If you can’t read Japanese, that’s okay just start at the beginning.

Find the wisdom tree

The Wisdom Tree is the centerpiece of the first floor, it’s absolutely impossible to miss. There, you can climb up the steps of the tree. Once you’re at the top, you can ring the giant bell that will echo across the whole theme park. The bell room is also a great spot for a photo op, as well as several other places just outside at the top of the tree. From there, you can work your way around the first floor. You should do your best to experience everything the park has to offer, but be sure that you don’t miss the highlights

Attend the Nakayoku Connect

The Nakayoku Connect is one of those things that you can’t miss if you go to Puroland, but you’re only going to have two chances throughout the day to catch it. This concert is held by Hello Kitty and friends, and it is absolutely amazing. With the lights, the music, and the energy, this concert could likely sell out arenas around Japan. You get it free with your admission.

Go to the Märchen Theater

With Hello Kitty leading the Hello Kitty Troupe, Sanrio creates an excellent blend of the “kawaii” from the Sanrio characters and the “kabuki” of the Märchen Theater. They are currently reenacting the famous tale of Momotarō, the story of a boy born from a peach who goes off to fight Oni alongside his trusty animal companions. 

More stuff to do!

Explore more of the attractions

Be sure to also stop by the Fairyland Theater, Lady Kitty house, Entertainment Hall, and Discovery Theater as well. You could spend hours there if you choose. You will also want to stop by the Strawberry Hall and ~My Melody&KUROMI~Mymeroad Drive, especially if you have kids. They will be over the moon for the ride and opportunity to take photos with some of their favorite Sanrio characters!

Take the Sanrio character boat ride

The Sanrio Character Boat Ride might be the most popular attraction in the park, so you should jump in line for it as quickly as possible! This ride takes you around the entire second floor on a joyous boat ride, where you can sing along with all of your favorite Sanrio characters. 

Don’t forget the other amusement areas!

Even if you’re through with all the major attractions, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied for hours. You can’t forget to take advantage of all of the small treasures that come by way of the amusements corners. The silhouette art, game corner, portrait corner, event corner, and even raffle area will keep you more than entertained while you’re on your way to the bigger attractions.

Taste the most kawaii food in Japan

After all of the activities, you’re going to work up quite an appetite. Well, there are two restaurants, a character food court, the Dream Cafe, and the Sweet Parlor. The options range from dinner, lunch, or dessert. The Gudetama Ramen or Pompompurin character bento box will definitely satisfy your hunger and give you plenty of content for a very kawaii instagram food post. 

Take home some gifts

If the cuteness is just too much for you to handle and you need to bring some home with you, don’t worry. You won’t go home empty handed. With several different shops to choose from, Sanrio has everything you could wish for. Sanrio and Hello Kitty have collaborated with tons of other franchises and series, and they have created some of the best crossover merchandise there is! They even have seasonal items, so there’s always something new to look for in every visit!

1990, 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN S/D・G  著作 株式会社サンリオ

Acknowledge the staff

It goes without saying, but meeting the Sanrio Puroland staff is just as memorable as any of the attractions. They are interactive, fun, kind, and almost as cute as the Sanrio characters themselves. Japanese culture is generally known for fostering a great degree of politeness, but the Sanrio staff goes above and beyond in this, all while creating and maintaining the most fun-loving environment you’ve ever seen. From the ticket staff to the food service workers to the attraction attendants and even the management, they will treat you better than family and make you feel like you’re a kawaii Sanrio character yourself. Thank them for their amazing before you leave the fairytale land.

Times and Prices

Their dates of open availability are subject to change and prices may vary on the date of your visit, so check their website before you go!


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