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Arashiyama, Kyoto, a place where tradition and culinary excellence converge. Nestled along the picturesque banks of the Hozugawa River, this enchanting district is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Kyoto’s rich culinary heritage. Their unique cuisine and restaurants that follow traditional techniques with a modern approach attract foodies and tourists alike. In this article we explore the 10 best restaurants in Arashiyama, each offering a unique blend of flavors that harmonize with the area’s natural beauty and cultural charm.

1. Arashiyama Yoshimura

Arashiyama Yoshimura is a specialty restaurant where you can enjoy luxurious soba noodles made by hand with patience and attention to detail. Here, more than 40 craftsmen devote all of their skills to the quality of domestic buckwheat noodles. The flavor and unique texture that spreads with every bite are truly exquisite. The restaurant offers a beautiful view of the Togetsu Bridge and the spectacular scenery that spreads out beyond it. You will be intoxicated by the picturesque scenery as you enjoy the delicious soba noodles.

Official Website: Arashiyama Yoshimura (Only in Japanese) 

2. Arashiyama Kijuro

Arashiyama Kijuro is a restaurant where the sumptuous Wagyu beef thigh “steak box ” and Wagyu beef “sirloin steak box ” are the main attraction. Here, the finest Wagyu beef creates an exquisite flavor explosion in your mouth and takes you on a luxurious taste journey. The restaurant features a gorgeous Japanese garden that can be viewed from anywhere in the restaurant. In spring, cherry blossoms dance in the air, and in fall, autumn leaves turn brilliantly red. With the beauty of the four seasons in the air, you can enjoy the tasteful scenery in a relaxed atmosphere, and an opulent moment is sure to unfold with delicious cuisine. We hope you revel in the delightful fusion of Arashiyama’s flavors and scenery to your heart’s content.

Official Website: Arashiyama Kijuro (Only in Japanese) 

3. Arashiyama Daizen

Arashiyama Daizen specializes in exquisite sushi using carefully selected ingredients. Here, the rice used for kyo-zushi also shines with particular attention to detail. The rice, called Hatsushimo, is cooked using a traditional technique, and its delicate flavor is unmistakable in every bite. This rice is particularly notable as it is very hard to find due to its small harvest. Arashiyama Daizen also offers take-out. Since you can enjoy delicious sushi at your leisure, you can easily enjoy the taste of Daizen when you are traveling or out and about. Enjoy the luxurious world of sushi, a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Official Website: Arashiyama Daizen

4. Sushi Naritaya

Sushi Naritaya is located close to Arashiyama Station and is easily accessible, while offering authentic and delicious sushi. This place is popular with international customers, who can relax and enjoy their meal, complete with an English menu. Sushi made with fresh ingredients, such as tuna and salmon, are served at reasonable prices. Here, the main attraction is the opportunity to enjoy the taste of luxury at an affordable price.

5. Tenryuji Temple Shigetsu

In the midst of Kyoto’s Buddhist temples and shrines, Shojin cuisine is especially recommended. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome here, as no fish or meat is used. Tenryuji Temple Shigetsu is a Shojin Cuisine restaurant under the direct management of the temple, where beautiful vegetarian dishes are served in vermilion bowls, delighting the eyes and taste buds of visitors. At this traditional Japanese temple, visitors can enjoy a plant-derived Japanese course while admiring the natural beauty of Kyoto. As you cleanse both mind and body, experience the essence of Kyoto intertwined with its delectable cuisine.

Official Website: Tenryuji Temple Shigetsu

6. Steak Otsuka

If you want to savor the sumptuous flavor of Wagyu beef, Steak Otsuka is the place to go. The owner is a meat expert who worked at a butcher store in Kyoto for 10 years before opening this restaurant. A particularly recommended menu item is the Murasawa beef steak, a fantastic Wagyu beef that is said to have been raised without stress. The flavor and sweetness of the Murasawa beef is described as truly exquisite.

Official Website: Steak Ostuka

7. Arashiyama Curry

Arashiyama Curry is an authentic Japanese-style curry restaurant that welcomes you comfortably in a common Japanese atmosphere. Particularly popular on the menu is the Katsu Curry, a wonderful combination of crispy pork cutlet and smooth curry roux that spreads nostalgic flavors. If you want to get the unique curry experience of Arashiyama with a mixture of nostalgia and deliciousness, Arashiyama Curry is the place to go.

Official Website: Arashiyama Curry (Only in Japanese) 

8. Shin-Togetsu

Shintogetsu is an excellent udon restaurant that uses fresh local ingredients from Kyoto. Esteemed for their homemade udon noodles that make the most of these ingredients, such as “Kujo Negi (green onion),” a typical Kyoto vegetable, “Yamashiro Kyoto duck” as well as “Tanba Pork” and “Hamo,” a typical fish of Kyoto in summer. The restaurant also produces creative and unique udon dishes, such as Thai-style udon with coconut milk and coriander, and a variety of other innovative dishes that are not limited to traditional udon. Shintogetsu is a treasure trove of diverse and tasty udon noodles, woven with ingredients and ideas that are unique to Kyoto.

Official Website: Shin-Togestu 

9. Unagi Hirokawa

Eel Hirokawa was established in Arashiyama, Kyoto in 1967, and has maintained the orthodox Edo-mae cooking technique, conveying the original deliciousness of eel in this area. The delicious eels here have one of the best reputations in the Kansai region, and you can enjoy the finest eel dishes in a restaurant that has the atmosphere of a luxury inn. The eel, carefully selected in Japan, is slowly steamed to concentrate its flavor. Its fluffy texture will make you fall quickly in love.

Official Website: Unagi Hirokawa

10. Shoraian

Shorai-an, located upstream from Arashiyama’s Togetsu Bridge, specializes in Japanese cuisine in the former villa of  Fumimaro Konoe, which has been transformed into a restaurant. Each of the glamorous Japanese cuisine courses, with tofu as the main ingredient, is a work of culinary art that evokes the beauty of traditional Japanese cuisine. The dishes that bring out the true flavors of seasonal ingredients to the fullest are nothing short of magnificent. The chic Japanese cuisine served at Shorai-an offers a luxurious experience of the finest seasonal delicacies with the typical Kyoto flavor.

Official Website: Shoraian

In this article, we have introduced 10 restaurants in Arashiyama where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine. Are you hungry yet? These restaurants invite you to enjoy a journey of exquisite cuisine along with the unique scenery and culture of Arashiyama, a land steeped in Japanese history. Let’s explore Arashiyama’s gastronomic treasures that will satisfy both your taste buds and your soul at the same time.

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