10 Best Bowling Alleys in Tokyo

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Misty Fujii is a Canadian who moved to Osaka, Japan, in 2019 and married her Japanese sweetheart. In 2022, they had a baby and moved to Fukui for the clean country air. She is a DJ who teaches English part-time and writes to share Japan with the world. She gets excited about collecting vintage vinyl records, food from all countries, travelling, and renovating her traditional Japanese house.

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Strike! Tokyo’s got a secret weapon for rainy days and something different: bowling! This American sport has been sparking strikes in the Land of the Rising Sun since the 1960s, and it’s not your dusty, old grandma’s game anymore. Add Tokyo’s flair, and we’ve got sleek spaces with laser tag arenas, VR experiences, and karaoke rooms (because belting out tunes after crushing a strike is practically mandatory). Plus, themed lanes that’ll blow your mind.

Prepare for epic gutter balls, mind-blowing special effects, and enough fried chicken to fuel a sumo wrestler as we roll through the 10 best bowling alleys in Tokyo!

1. Tokyo Dome Bowling Center

ITA-ATU, CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED via Wikimedia Commons

You might recognize Tokyo Dome as a famous landmark; after all, it’s the home of baseball’s Yomiuri Giants and one of Tokyo’s biggest concert venues. But it’s also home to several other venues and activities like a bowling alley boasting 54 lanes across two floors! Take your pick from a traditional bowling alley ideal for families in a bright, casual space. For those seeking a more subdued ambiance, CuBAR Lounge calls. Dimly lit and adorned with artist Taro Okamoto’s captivating work, this wood-lined space exudes a cozy charm. Sink into plush sofas, savor some nibbles, and sip on artisanal cocktails while unleashing your inner bowler.

Website: Tokyo Dome Bowling Center

2. Shinjuku Copabowl

Craving a bowling alley that’s as bright and wild as the neon jungle outside? Look no further than Copabowl in Kabukicho! This funky joint boasts two types of lane action: classic alleys and blacklight alleys for a cosmic glow-up. But the real fun twist? It’s all about raising the stakes (literally). The loser of the game faces a series of punishments that could involve anything from gobbling down creepy crawlies to belt-out ear-splitting karaoke. Talk about adding spice to your strike! And if you need a break, Copabowl’s got you covered with games, a food court that’ll satisfy any craving, and even a bar for post-game cheers – all open 24/7.

Website: Shinjuku Copabowl

3. Round 1 Diver City Tokyo Plaza

Dick Thomas Johnson, CC BY 2.0 DEED via Flickr

It’s easy to spend an entire day at Round 1, especially the location in Diver City Tokyo Plaza. This Tokyo titan is an indoor playground packed with entertainment like billiards, arcades, kids’ play areas, karaoke, and, of course, bowling. What sets Round 1’s lanes apart is that they are the perfect spot for skilled bowlers, often hosting tournaments that offer impressive amounts of prize money. The alley also offers thoughtful features like manicure-friendly bowling balls with built-in nail protectors! So, when you want to unleash your inner bowling champ and sing about it later, this is the spot! 

Website: Round 1 Diver City Tokyo Plaza

4. Tokyo Port Bowl

Forget neon lights and VR; Tokyo Port Bowl’s got a different glow: the warm, nostalgic amber of a bygone era. This isn’t your sleek, modern alley; it’s a visit to the long-gone Showa-era, complete with a giant bowling pin on top of the vintage Minato building. But don’t let the age fool you; families cram these lanes for a reason: the sound. Imagine the satisfying sound of the ball hitting the wooden floor in a symphony of nostalgia that can’t be compared to any flashy alley. Tokyo Port Bowl is your ticket to a time machine to Tokyo’s golden age, where families piled in (and still do!) for good old-fashioned fun. 

Website: Tokyo Port Bowl

5. Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center

Ditch the crowds and unleash your inner pin-slayer at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center. This 80-lane behemoth offers everything from rental shoes to a pro shop, with instant scoring and giant screens for cheering (or commiserating). Plus, there is no need to pre-book. Roll up and grab a lane for last-minute bowling bliss! Whether you’re aiming for a strike or simply seeking a fun-filled activity, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center delivers.

Website: Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center

6. Shibuya EST

Naoya Fujii, CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED via Flickr

If you haven’t noticed by now, Tokyo loves indoor recreation centers. Shibuya EST is a popular playground for ping pong, pool tables, and bowling, with four floors dedicated to the bowling lanes alone! One of the stand-out features is that Shibuya EST keeps the balls rolling until the wee hours of the morning, making this a go-to spot for night owls. Add neon, black light lanes, and some of the cheapest prices in town, and it’s no wonder why Shibuya EST is a top pick. 

Website: Shibuya EST

7. Sasazuka Bowl

Elovis Sato

Sasazuka Bowl, affectionately known as “Sasabo” by the in-crowd, offers a uniquely hip twist on nightlife. It’s a dynamic space where craft beers and artisanal cocktails mingle with the aroma of classic American comfort food, and that’s only the beginning! Imagine polished wooden lanes bathed in the glow of a disco ball, where the crash of balls blends with a live DJ’s beats. Sasabo masterfully mixes retro charm with contemporary cool, offering a sophisticated backdrop for everything from album release parties to avant-garde art exhibitions. Sasabo has to be one of Tokyo’s most unique party places, hands down!

Website: Sasazuka Bowl

8. Bowling Salon

For an ultra-exclusive experience, book a lane at the intimate alley inside The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Hotel. Tucked within the posh hotel, it offers 12 picture-perfect lanes, vintage-kissed and convertible to private rooms. Add the counter-style bar serving drinks, snacks, and a billiards table for a comfy and familiar day out. Feeling festive? Opt for the open-bar plan and toast each strike (or spare) in style. The Bowling Salon might not stay open all night, but it paints the perfect first frame for a night to remember.

Website: Bowling Salon

9. Hyper lane

Hyper lane is a no-frills option that makes up for its lack of pizazz with plenty of perks. This alley serves up pure, unadulterated bowling, straight-up and wallet-friendly. The secret weapon? There are cheap prices for members, and joining is a breeze. If you play more than three games, do yourself a favor and sign up because the savings will have you doing a victory dance! Since Hyper lane is open 24/7/365, it’s your midnight strike haven, and no pre-booking is required. Like I said, it may not be the flashiest option, but if you’ve got neon fatigue or want a tried, tested, and true option, Hyper lane’s got you covered. 

Website: Hyper lane

10. Takadanobaba Grand Bowl

Takadanobaba Grand Bowl isn’t your average alley; it’s a haven for pros and casual enthusiasts. The lanes are treated like Olympic tracks, with meticulously maintained conditions. Serious bowlers can nerd out over the detailed reports on their blog, while rookies can level up their game with top-notch lessons. But this isn’t just a training ground for champions; Takadanobaba Grand Bowl also throws down the fun factor! It’s sprawled across a floor of a buzzing entertainment complex, so your day can include arcade battles, shopping sprees, and even a pit stop for conveyor belt sushi

Website: Takadanobaba Grand Bowl

Whether you crave cosmic glow-up lanes, karaoke serenades after every game, or retro vibes fueled by classic comfort food, Tokyo’s bowling alleys offer something for everyone. Let’s go bowling!

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